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A false arrest is when you are accused of committing a crime and arrested for allegedly doing so. Being falsely arrested is only one form of police brutality, yet a very serious one. People are wrongfully arrested for things they simply didn’t do and subjected to the mistreatment and abuse displayed some officers. In many arrests, police tend to apply force, sometimes more than necessary. While it is the duty of an officer to detain someone he/she thinks is a threat to society or committed an offense, that person still has rights to be treated fairly and without being harmed.

But, because there is a growing number of police brutality cases being displayed across social media and other online platforms, we are learning there is a serious issue here that must be addressed. If you were mistreated, verbally abused, physically assaulted, or even falsely arrested, our featured police brutality attorneys here in Wyoming can help you with your case.

Accusing an officer of applying excessive force doesn’t exactly mean they are going to be found guilty nor are your allegations going to be taken seriously. You need a well-versed and respected Wyoming police brutality lawyer to represent you and stand up for you. can help you find and hire a lawyer in your city today.


Why Does Police Brutality Occur?

Some reasons provided by can help explain why the issue of police brutality is on the rise.


  1. Street officers are on their own. Because many officers aren’t exactly supervised throughout the day, they are left on their own to determine how to handle a situation and use their discretion as to whether they should apply force or not. Obviously, this is expected from officers but without support or guidance, some apply excessive force simply because they can and not because they need to.
  2. Excessive force is expected and covered up. Only a few officers across the U.S. have been formally charged for police brutality. Majority of the officers accused of police brutality walk away without facing any sort of consequence.
  3. Applying maximum force has become routine.
  4. Police aren’t aware of how to de-escalate.
  5. The use of Tasers has become routine and it often isn’t questioned.
  6. Arrests reports cover up use of force.
  7. There are no clear policies on using force.


As a resident of the state of Wyoming, you have rights and those rights should be respected whether you committed a crime or not. Police officers are responsible for detaining those who they assume to be guilty but do not have the right to mistreat, assault, or abuse them.

If you have become the victim to police brutality, you are going to need someone who is familiar with the law working on your side. The officer you are accusing more than likely will have their entire department standing behind them so you are going to need a dedicated team of police misconduct attorneys in Wyoming standing behind you.

Our police brutality lawyers offer free, no-obligation consultations so that individuals aren’t obligated to make any sort of financial commitment. A consultation will provide you with an opportunity to sit down with one of these professionals, explain your issue or situation, and allow them to explain how they might be able to assist you. Call us today and one of our agents will explain how they can help you get paired up with a local attorney in your city free of charge.