A Wyoming police officer shot and wounded a 37 year old man on November 4th, 2019. The man identified as Manuel Cavasos was armed with a knife. The injuries sustained by the gunshot wounds are not considered life-threatening. The incident took place on Walter Street SE between Division and Jefferson avenues around 11:30 in the morning.

The officer is being investigated by the Kent County Sheriff’s Department as part of standard procedure.

Police Responded to a Domestic Dispute

Cavasos girlfriend reported that she called the police after having an argument with Cavasos. As per Sheriff’s office, Wyoming police officers responded to the scene within minutes. They found Cavasos holding a knife. Ultimately, one of the officers fired multiple shots.

An eyewitness Sheryl Smith said she was walking by with her husband when she heard multiple pop-pop sounds. The police were shooting while running towards them. She told her husband Ernie, that they need to turn around because the police were shooting their way.

Cavasos was provided first aid at the scene by police officers and was later hospitalized.

Multiple Injuries Sustained

Cavasos’ family claimed that he was hit once, but the bullet did a lot of damage. His lungs are hit and while the condition is not life-threatening, he will be in recovery for a long time. The family agreed that Cavasos has a checkered past, but the police officers overreacted by shooting him but others know that police sometimes have an impossible job and with someone like Cavasos – Cavasos had this coming. You cannot threaten families with knives.

They said Cavasos was not advancing on anyone and was only threatening to hurt himself which is a completely partisan opinion. According to the family, the officers should have used a Taser or a stun gun instead, but they may not have had a stun gun. Others believe the family should own a stun gun too. Authorities are yet to release the name of the officer who shot Cavasos. No officers were injured in the incident.

Wyoming Police Chief Kim Koster in a statement claimed that dash cam video would be released to the public right after the investigation led by Kent County Sheriff’s Department was complete.

Video Footage Can Help Victims of Police Brutality

Video evidence is of utmost importance in a police misconduct lawsuit regardless of the type of misconduct. Victims should consult with experienced police brutality lawyers before making the video footage public. Video footage, from dash cam, body cam, and cellphones can prove the extent and nature of inflicted damage.

It can also prove without a doubt that the law enforcement officer abused or misused their power and authority. While most police officers do a stellar job of serving the people they are sworn to protect, there are a few overzealous officers who do not shy away from using excessive force. Police brutality attorneys can come in helpful here for filing lawsuits.

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