The Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation is looking into a fatal shooting that took place on the evening of June 2nd, 2020 in a parking lot at Kwik Trip on Church Street in Watertown, Wisconsin.

Watertown police officer shot an unidentified white male in a traffic stop confrontation at the parking lot. The Jefferson County Medical Examiner’s Office said the man had sustained life threatening injuries and died from it on June 3rd, 2020.

No Officer Was Injured

The officer and his partner were not injured in any way in the altercation. However, the man was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance where he died of his injuries. The victim was stopped by the police for a burnt-out taillight.

Sometime during the stop, the police officer took out his service weapon and shot the man. It is still unclear why the officer needed to shoot him. However, a gun was found at the scene. DCI is still investigating the case.

Officer Placed on Administrative Leave

Police department claimed that the officers were looking for a man that had been involved in a prior domestic incident. When the officer saw the gun, he took a split second decision and shot the victim. The officers at the scene immediately started life-saving measures until paramedics arrived.

As per department policy, the officer from Watertown Police Department is going to be placed on administrative leave until further notice. DCI is assisted by the Wisconsin State Patrol, Wisconsin State Crime Lab, and DOJ Office of Crime Victim Services in the investigation.

Evidence is still being reviewed by DCI to determine the facts and the way the incident unfolded. DCI will be turning over all their investigative findings over to the Jefferson County District Attorney once the investigation is over.

Video Evidence is Important in Police Brutality Cases

Police brutality can be in many forms – excessive force, wrongful shooting, illegal search and seizure, unnecessary use of taser or shot gun, and illegal arrests. While the majority of law enforcement officials carry out their duties without abusing their power, there are a few overzealous officers that do not think twice before taking advantage of their authority.

All police brutality personal injury lawyers advocate the power and usefulness of video footage in a police brutality lawsuit. This is because videos can prove the nature and extent of police misconduct without a trace of doubt. However, it’s critical that victims consult with a police brutality personal injury attorney before making the video public knowledge or releasing it on social media.

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