If you have been mistreated by a police officer during a police encounter in White Plains New York, contact a police brutality attorney to find out if any civil rights have been vioilated and how they might be able to help.

Police misconduct has become a household topic and a front page headline on most days in the United States.  Citizens have a tense relationship with law enforcement professionals amid chronic complaints of excessive force causing physical harm and/or death, sexual assaultsunlawful searches, bias-based profiling and false arrest.

  • Excessive force – utilizing more physical force than necessary to subdue a criminal causing bodily harm or death.
  • Sexual assault – sexual harassment or abuse, under the guise of police professional employment, it is a form of police brutality.
  • Unlawful searches – protection from “unreasonable searches and seizures” notwithstanding probable cause enabling a search warrant.
  • Bias-based profiling – the intentional practice by an individual law enforcement officer to incorporate personal prejudicial judgments based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, religious beliefs, and age.
  • False arrest – unlawful restraint of a person’s freedom of movement by another acting in perceived accordance with the law.

Police authority.

Police, under color of law, are allowed to use their authoritative powers to apprehend criminals, but sometimes their aggressive or biased actions escalate an incident into an egregious life-damaging event for the victim and/or their families.

Legal help includes.

If a person is a victim of any form of police brutality, legal counsel may be able to help through:

  1. Developing and filing a formal department complaint;
  2. Researching facts of the case and laws to support any violations of civil rights, injury, damages and possible outcomes;
  3. Filing civil or criminal charges related to the negative police encounter in a court of law;
  4. Hiring a legal support team to investigate, gather data, and assist with any life-changing events the damages caused;
  5. Preparing the court appearance;
  6. Representing victims in court and updating victim on the status and possible outcomes;
  7. Assisting in the settlement of the case through discussion of damages pertinent to remedy the brutality.

Supporting laws.

There are various federal and state laws including the First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments, Title 6 of the Civil Rights Act, Title 42 United States Code, and Americans with Disabilities Act, to name a few, that insure remedy to individuals who have suffered the negative effects of police brutality.


Damages may include hospital/medical expenses; past and future permanent disability payments; emotional distress including depression and anxiety; loss of enjoyment of life; physical pain and suffering; and loss of love and companionship due to a death or serious injury caused by police brutality through excessive force or other harmful actions affecting your livelihood and community standing.

Contact an attorney.

If you have been the victim of police brutality in White Plains, contact an experienced lawyer at the Law Offices of Darren DeUrso, who may be able to help you with your claim.

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