Police officers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, are expected to protect everyone in the community, while at the same time, they are expected to make sure not to cause excessive harm to anyone while performing their duties. Since this task isn’t exactly easy, and since aggressive acts are often required to secure someone’s arrest, officers are granted permission from the law to use force, and they are often allowed to get away with the use of excessive force as well.

If a police officer injures you while trying to arrest you because you were not complying with their requests, they will probably not be held liable for their actions if taken to court. However, if the police officer purposely injured you after your arrest and after you were subdued and calmly complying with them, then they may be held liable for their aggressive behavior.

Since police officers have sovereign immunity with the law, it becomes more important than ever to have enough evidence on hand to prove the officer acted irrationally and that they caused you an unnecessary amount of harm.

What if I am injured in an accident with a police officer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

Police officers also often cause injuries while they are on a high-speed police chase. It is estimated that nearly a quarter of all police chases that occur in the United States lead to a collision. If you got into an accident with a speeding police officer you will need an attorney to represent you in court and to help you determine from where you can receive a proper settlement to cover your damages.

Since police officers are allowed to drive on high speeds when it is necessary ( such as when a felony has occurred, or there is a suspected DUI or reckless driving infringement) you may find it difficult to prove their negligence. The law enforcement agency will also likely state that the cause of the accident was the culprit whom they were chasing and not the officer themselves.

However, if the officer engaged in unnecessarily reckless driving behavior then it can be possible to prove them guilty in court. The injuries you face at the hands of a police officer, whether it is after your arrest, or while you are driving on the road, will undoubtedly require a lot of money to treat. The more serious your injuries are, the more you will require financial compensation to help you pay for all your bills and other losses.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to a personal injury lawyer at Tucker Law as soon as possible to educate yourself on whether your situation allows legal action to be taken against the police officer who harmed you, or not.

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