A Colorado police officer is authorized to pull a driver over when he/she has reasonable suspicion that the operator of the vehicle committed a crime or traffic violation, according to the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado. For example, if the vehicle matches the description of one that was present when a crime occurred or the driver was speeding, both would serve as valid reasons for an officer to pull the vehicle over. Once a driver is pulled over, they should comply with officer commands to avoid any sort of confrontation.


Does a driver have to provide the officer with their license after being pulled over?


If the Englewood, CO police officer did, in fact, have reasonable suspicion to pull the vehicle over, he/she can ask the driver to provide them with their driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance. By law, all drivers are required to carry these documents when operating a motor vehicle and each must be valid. In the event a person’s driver’s license is suspended or their registration has expired, they will likely face the penalties for violating the law.

During the time a driver is pulled over, the officer may ask questions, especially if they believe the driver was involved in criminal activity. It is important for individuals to understand that they do hold the right to remain silent and can inform the officer that they only wish to answer questions with a Colorado criminal defense lawyer present. If an officer chooses, he/she can request that the driver and any passengers that might be traveling with them step outside of the vehicle. Under certain circumstances can an officer search a vehicle, however, in most cases, they need probable cause to do this.

Police officers must also have probable cause to search an individual. A person who has been pulled over can inform the officer that they do not consent to being searched.


What can a driver do if he/she believes their rights have been violated by an Englewood, CO police officer?


If an Englewood, CO police officer did not have reasonable suspicion to pull a vehicle over or probable cause to conduct a search but did so anyway, a driver may have a case against the officer and the department they work for. Now, because it can be difficult to prove the officer violated an individual’s rights as it becomes their word against the driver’s, anyone who believes their rights have been violated should contact an Englewood, CO police brutality lawyer.

A police brutality attorney in Englewood, CO can help a person understand what their rights are and if they were, in fact, violated. In the event an attorney establishes that the driver has the right to take legal action, he/she can assist them with recognizing the officer for their act of misconduct. To locate a police misconduct lawyer in Englewood, CO now, contact USAttorneys.com for assistance.