Back in April 2019, a video surfaced on the internet that eventually went viral involving several Broward County Sheriff deputies as well as teens. In the video, you see a crowd of teens standing around in what looks like a shopping center with one of them already handcuffed, lying on the pavement. Shortly after the camera started rolling, another teenager appears to have stepped out from the crowd in a non-threatening manner and that is when one of the deputies decided to spray him with pepper spray and throw him to the ground.

Two other deputies quickly ran over and grabbed the young male. One of the deputies began bashing the boys head into the roadway pavement and punching him in the head. The other officer was trying to grab his arms while the boy was attempting to use them to protect his face from the road. Local 10 News, which is only one of many online sources that shared the video, claims the video displayed a potential act of police brutality.

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Many individuals often wonder how much force a police officer is allowed to apply and the truth is, they shouldn’t be applying any unless the situation actually calls for it.

After watching this video, one can only help but wonder why the officers resorted to such violence. Was this the only way they could have gained control over the situation? Are they even allowed to engage in this type of behavior given the circumstances? These are the questions many individuals often have after watching this video and others like it involving police officers who resort to violence which is why we have addressed them below.

Are police officers in Daytona Beach, FL allowed to get violent with a suspect or bystander?

Generally, police officers should employ other tactics aside from those involving violence to gain control of a situation. Only when a person becomes violent themselves, is noncompliant, or is a threat to the surrounding community then should an officer employ other tactics that may include some level of violence. Notice that we used the word “levels.”

Police officers are trained to use to a use of force scale where they are expected to start at the bottom and work their way up. Of course, there are instances where police officers may have to start in the middle of the scale when it comes to applying force, especially when a suspect has threatened an officer or poses as a danger to anyone around them. Unfortunately, many officers do fail to follow this scale and instead jump directly to a level that involves violence, even when that sort of behavior isn’t called for. We refer to this as excessive force.

When an officer engages in violent behavior that exceeds what is generally required in any type of situation, he or she is applying excessive force and can be held accountable for this unjust act. 

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If you think a Daytona Beach police officer applied excessive force and would like to discuss your incident with a police brutality attorney who can confirm this for you, contact the Graham Law Group, LLC today.

Now, if you were harmed or injured by a police officer and you aren’t sure whether the behavior the officer engaged in would constitute as excessive force, you should consider speaking with a police brutality lawyer in Daytona Beach, FL. The legal experts at the Graham Law Group, LLC can help determine if you are a victim of police brutality and if so, what can be done about it.

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