police brutality attorneys in Houston, TX

Police brutality has been and continues to be a serious issue that is responsible for taking innocent lives and injuring individuals both physically and psychologically.

While many are under the impression that police brutality and misconduct has recently developed into a much large issue than ever before prompting the rise of many activist groups, the reality is, it has been a problem for years, it just wasn’t as obvious as it is today. And thanks to cellphones and social media, both have made it possible for the public to see just how heinous some police officers can be during what should be a casual encounter or a routine traffic stop. While many police departments across the U.S. have been called out for the horrible way its officers treat individuals they encounter, the Houston Police Department has also found itself at the center of many police brutality investigations as well.

So, what types of misconduct have officers hired to protect and serve the City of Houston been recognized for in the past? Below we have highlighted only a few encounters involving police officers and civilians that have gone bad.

  • Sebastian Prevot and his wife vs. Houston Police officers

In 2013, the Texas Observer cited an incident that occurred involving 30-year-old Sebastian Prevot and his wife Annika Lewis. Prevot was driving home at around 3:00 a.m. when he “rolled past the line at a stop sign.” Immediately following the traffic violation, Prevot noticed police lights behind him but decided not to pull over until he made it home. Prevot stated that he did not feel comfortable as an African American male pulling over late at night which is why he continued driving until he reached his residence. During this time, more and more patrol vehicles began following him and by the time he reached his home, there were at least 10 police vehicles pursuing him.

After pulling into his driveway, Prevot exited his vehicle with his hands held high. While some Houston officers had their guns drawn on him, others approached him and began beating him. Unfortunately, it isn’t rare for officers of the law to beat unarmed suspects in Houston or any other city, says the Texas Observer. After being kicked, hit several times, and having his ankle twisted, Prevot’s wife came out of the home and began recording everything. The officers weren’t fond of that and attacked her. They allegedly twisted her arm and punched her a few times until they managed to take her cellphone away.

  • Dewayne Walker vs. Houston Police officer Shane Privette

Back in 2017, Walker was arrested for manufacturing or delivering less than a gram of a controlled substance and at the time of his arrest, he was hit in the face by Privette with his knee. The victim claimed Privette applied excessive force and filed a complaint with the internal affairs department.

[Source: KHOU11].

  • Brian Claunch vs. Houston Police officer

Claunch was wheel-chair bound and only had one arm and one leg. He was also mentally ill, says the Texas Observer, and allegedly threatened officers with a ballpoint pen. He was shot and killed.

police brutality lawyers in Houston, TX

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