Just a few weeks back, officers in Baltimore were caught by a public defender’s office representing a man who realized the officers who arrested him for substance possession planted the same exact substances they accused him of carrying. News source sites such as The Baltimore Sun have released video footage of yet another incident, separate from the one that transpired days ago, showing an officer searching through a woman’s vehicle and discovering marijuana and other illegal substances.

The vehicle can be seen being searched by Baltimore police, was arrested back in November 2016 where she was accused of making a drug deal with the passenger who entered her vehicle. She was pulled over and police immediately began claiming they smelled marijuana. A small bag containing marijuana and heroin was eventually retrieved and the driver as well as the passenger who was with her were charged for the crime.

She released a statement claiming she did not have any drugs in her vehicle at the time police pulled her over, her Baltimore police misconduct lawyer must have used the incident that occurred a few days back to help prove his client wasn’t guilty of committing the crime. He went straight for the police body cam footage and what he found contributes to why citizens are erring on the side of defense when they come into contact with an officer of the law.

What did the body cam footage reveal?

Just as the defense lawyer suspected, the body cam video appeared “to depict multiple officers working together to manufacture evidence.” After the first officer rummaged through the vehicle in search of the “substances”, he didn’t find anything. From tearing up the floor mats to looking carefully under the seat, nothing was to be found. But leave it to a more qualified officer to find it, and that he did. After the officers’ body cams were turned off and then turned back on again, we see an officer asking if a specific area of the vehicle had been searched. None of the other officers respond. He then proceeds to search and recovers the small bag of marijuana and heroin they allegedly belonged to the driver.

While the officers were under the impression that they carried out the task perfectly, the fact that the body cams were turned off and then were turned back on heightened the level of suspicion that the officers were plotting something illegal. Luckily for the driver, her police misconduct lawyer knew something wasn’t right. The charges were eventually dropped which has resulted in yet another case that needs some investigating.

Why is it that the first officer wasn’t able to spot the drugs but another was?

Police officers go through extensive training where they are taught how to handle minor traffic stops, search for substances, and implement a plan of action where they must exert force if the situation calls for it. Each officer goes through this training to ensure they are ready and equipped to take on the world and the dangers is brings along with it. Because of the months spent in training and the time they are taught how to be an officer, you would think that all officers would be able to conduct a simple vehicle search properly if they were led to believe something illegal was inside the car, right?

Apparently not.

According to the officer who did find the substances, he stated that he “had a better sense of where to search.” However, it is apparent that because the charges were dropped that there wasn’t enough evidence to support why the body cams were turned off and then powered back on just in time for him to conduct his search and quickly locate the substances.

With more and more police brutality and misconduct cases developing, it is vital that anyone who thinks they might be a victim to this crime hires a police brutality attorney immediately as they can help identify the necessary evidence that can help get your charges dismissed.