Depending on how serious the incident was, you may want to contact an Erie, PA police brutality lawyer who can review with you what your legal rights are along with how you may want to proceed on with addressing the matter.


Aside from police officers having to patrol neighborhoods and communities to ensure they are free from crime, they must also interact with suspicious and even potentially dangerous individuals who broke the law or intend to do so. While every police department has its own policies and procedures in how each and every officer is expected to handle their encounters with civilians, not all abide by the book. In fact, some take it upon themselves to engage in behavior that violates their department’s ethical code of conduct.

Although not all officers of the law are guilty of this, there are some who violate their agency’s policies and harass innocent individuals. If you have been harassed by a police officer in Erie, PA or a nearby area and aren’t sure what you can do to hold that officer accountable for their behavior, can connect you with a local PA police brutality attorney who will answer all the questions you have. Our attorneys will also assess the incident and based on their findings, help you make an informed decision on what you should do.


What are some examples of police harassment?


Police harassment comes in many forms. You may have been the victim of one of the situations we describe below or the incident you were involved in may have played out a little differently. Either way, you are encouraged to speak with a police misconduct lawyer who can help you recognize the officer for their inappropriate behavior and even file a complaint or lawsuit against them.


  1. Some officers will harass individuals by stopping them without the probable cause to do so.


Sometimes, officers will pull a driver over based on their race, the other people they are with, or because they were looking for something to do with their spare time. Although the law stipulates that officers do need to have a justifiable reason to pull you over, some ignore this and will proceed on to stop your vehicle.


  1. Illegally searching an individual and/or seizing their property.


Many officers of the law believe they have the right to search anyone they want at any given time of day, although this is a misconception. However, because many civilians aren’t aware of when they must allow an officer to search them, they wind up allowing them to do so anyway. Some officers are also guilty of seizing property they confiscated during an illegal search but most are never recognized for this because very few know what to do when this occurs.


  1. Questioning an individual who has not shown any signs that they committed a crime or intended to commit a crime.


police brutality lawyers in Erie, PA

If an Erie, PA police officer illegally questioned you which then led to your arrest, you will want to speak with a police brutality lawyer regarding your rights.

Officers of the law lead many people into thinking that they must answer each and every question they ask. This is not true. As a citizen, you do have rights, and one of those is not to answer certain questions a police officer asks that could potentially cause you to incriminate yourself. But, when you are approached by an officer who is adamant about exerting his/her power over you, it can be difficult to decipher whether you should stand your ground or give in.


Ready to Contact a Police Brutality Lawyer?


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