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Police officers must either have reasonable suspicion, probable cause, or obtained a warrant before they can conduct a search of a person.

Before a police officer in Southaven, MS is permitted to conduct a strip search or cavity search, he or she must have reasonable suspicion to do so. “Reasonable suspicion is used in determining the legality of a police officer’s decision to perform a search” [Source: Cornell Law School]. Essentially, what this means is that an officer must have reason to believe a crime is being committed or that an individual poses as a danger to themselves or the community (i.e. they are in possession of a weapon) and it is necessary for an officer to conduct a search.

Police officers are also permitted to conduct a search on an individual after having obtained a warrant from a judge or they can identify their probable cause to do so.

Unfortunately, too many officers take advantage of their power and invade the privacy of innocent individuals by conducting an unlawful strip search or cavity search. If you or someone you know was the victim of an unlawful search in Southaven, MS and are in need of some legal advice, you can always turn to a MS police brutality attorney for help. The lawyers at Salu & Salu Law Firm, PLLC are among some of the best attorneys in Southaven who have experience with litigating police brutality cases and can help you obtain the justice you deserve.

37-Year-Old Mother Files Claim for $12.5 Million in Damages After Being Subjected to a Warrantless Body Cavity Search

When Erica Reynolds was pulled over in 2018 after having met with Charles Riggins, an alleged drug dealer, she didn’t expect the following to unfold. According to the Phoenix New Times, Reynolds was pulled over after her meeting with Riggins and that is when officers claimed to have smelled marijuana in her vehicle. Police searched the car and found no sign of drugs.

Sadly, the officers were adamant about finding the drugs they suspected Reynolds to have and proceeded to pat the mother down. Still, no drugs were recovered. Officers continued with their efforts and even had a drug-sniffing canine come out. Again, no drugs were found and that prompted officers to bring the woman to a substation where they ordered her to strip naked in an interrogation room, reported the news source.

After stripping, Reynolds was ordered to bend over and that is when “a female officer put on a pair of rubber gloves.” Reynolds, unable to hold back her emotions, began to cry. Not only did the officer “insert multiple unlubricated fingers into Erica’s anus, probing her rectum,” but she also searched Reynolds’ genitalia without changing gloves. After the traumatic encounter with the officers, Reynolds reached out to a police brutality attorney who helped draft a claim addressed to the Phoenix mayor, the police chief, and city council members. She accused police officers of sexual assault and battery, wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, gross negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Southaven, MS police brutality lawyers

If a police officer in Southaven, MS conducted an unlawful search and harassed you in the process, a MS police brutality can help you seek justice.

Unfortunately, there are many individuals like Reynolds who are subjected to unlawful searches and seizures and are even sexually harassed by police in the process. If you are a victim of an unlawful search and/or were sexually harassed by a police officer in Southaven, MS, contact Salu & Salu Law Firm, PLLC now.


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