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Police officers do not have the right to apply excessive force when arresting a suspect or during the time they are being booked into jail.

Police officers often come in contact with aggressive, violent, and dangerous individuals during routine traffic stops, when called to a residence for a domestic disturbance, etc. which is why they are permitted to apply force when they deem necessary. Use of force should only be used to subdue a suspect who isn’t willing to comply with officer commands, is resistant, or is a threat to the community (i.e. police officers, bystanders, etc.). When force is applied by an officer during an encounter with a civilian or suspect that is in excess of what he or she believes to be necessary, it then becomes excessive force.

Excessive force is heavily frowned upon by police departments and can often lead to an officer being named in a lawsuit when he or she applies it causing a person to suffer physical and/or psychological injuries. If you are a victim of excessive force and would like to discuss your encounter with someone you can trust that is able to help you, you should consider consulting with a police brutality attorney in McAllen, TX.

Excessive Force Doesn’t Only Involve Officers and Civilians, It Happens in Jails Too

All too often, suspects who are arrested are not only mistreated at the time of their arrest, but also when they are booked into jail. KCEN Channel 6 shared one encounter involving a Texas man and two jailers that resulted in the workers being fired after being charged with assault with bodily injury and violation of civil rights of a person in custody. The incident allegedly occurred after 23-year-old Jvareus Pratt was booked into jail while “high on methamphetamine” with his arms handcuffed behind his back.

After being physically abused by the jailers, Pratt went on to hire a lawyer who aided him in filing a lawsuit. The suitalleged thatthe two jailerskicked and punched while detained resulting in him suffering many bruises and cuts on his face, arm, and torso, according to the news outlet. Pratt’s attorneysaid in a statement that“Mr. Pratt was the victim of outrageous and unacceptable police brutality in the Bell County Jail. He was defenseless on the ground with his hands behind his back as they repeatedly punched and kicked him.

police brutality law firms in McAllen, TX

If a McAllen, TX police officer applied excessive force while you were being booked into jail, the police brutality lawyers we can connect you with are ready to help you seek the justice you deserve.

The lawsuit claimed that “both jailers used excessive force that violated Pratt’s Fourth and 14th Amendment rights and that he ” suffered physical injuries [as well as]pain and mental anguish” from the beating.”Now, if you were physically harmed by a TX police officer during the time you were being booked into jail or even during your stay in the facility, you are encouraged to seek legal advice from a reputable police brutality attorney in McAllen, TX on how to address the issue.

Despite the power police officers hold, there are still boundaries they are not permitted to cross. If an officer of the law crossed one of those boundaries, the police brutality lawyers at Tijerina Law Firm, PC wants to help you seek the justice you deserve.


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