No matter what sort of crime a person has just been victimized with, they generally always take their problem to the police station in order to seek compensation and relief from what they just experienced. However, the unfortunate truth is that in many cases, police officers refuse to investigate the situation any further.

This is generally because they lack the time and resources to investigate every single case, especially if it doesn’t seem to be a very serious one. However, in some cases, this may be due to the officer discriminating against the individual who is filing the complaint based on their religion or ethnic background.

Anyone who feels like a police officer refused to investigate their serious case should go forward and contact a legal professional in White Plains, NY who specializes in dealing with police misconduct and brutality. An attorney will be able to help a person reach out to the correct authorities to have their case investigated, and if the person suffered a major loss due to the officer not responding in a timely manner then they may even be entitled to receive some form of compensation for the inactivity of the police officer. This is especially true if they are able to provide solid evidence that the officer had refused to take their case into consideration due to racism or some form of ethnic profiling.

What are some valid reasons that a police officer can refuse to investigate my case?

Naturally, police officers can not investigate every single case which is reported to them because they have limited time and money. A police officer can refuse to dig deeper into a person’s complaint for the following reasons:

  • The loss the person suffered was minimal
  • The nature of the crime was not very severe
  • There is not enough evidence to prove the incident took place
  • They have more urgent cases to take on

If an officer rejects a person’s case for the above reasons or simply because they don’t feel like it is necessary to investigate their case, a person does not have to give up on receiving the justice they deserve.

Anyone who wants to have a crime investigated can go ahead and try and contact their district attorney (DA). Their DA generally will have their own investigation unit who can look into matters further. If that does not go well, a person has the option to reach out to conventional news outlets or even post their story on regular social media to help get their case noticed.

Apart from getting one’s story out there, a person can try and hire a private investigator to help them solve their case. If they already know who the criminal is then they can go forward and, through the help of their lawyer, try to sue for damages in civil court.

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