Each day, Kentucky State Police officers make contact with all types of citizens for various reasons. Whether the contact is made at a routine traffic stop or because they were called to the scene where a disturbance was reported, troopers have the duty to protect and serve and that sometimes requires them to get hands-on during these encounters. However, there is a limit to just how physical a trooper needs to be although there are times when they take their rights overboard only to violate someone else’s.

When this happens, there are certain steps you should follow to avoid from having the situation escalate. Here’s what the Commonwealth of Kentucky recommends you do:


  1. Do not fight back. You will want to refrain from yelling or screaming at an officer as this can only make matters worse for you.
  2. Be sure to take down the officer’s name, badge number, and any other identifying information so that you can take the appropriate form of action against the officer. You will want to ask for this information “in a polite and calm manner.”
  3. If you can, try and find witnesses who saw the mistreatment and write down their names and phone numbers. These witnesses will be rather beneficial to you as they can recall what they saw which will ultimately help you should you choose to file a lawsuit against the Kentucky State Police.
  4. If you suffered an injury, it is recommended that you seek medical attention right away and request a copy of the records so that you have it when it comes time to initiate your case.
  5. Take pictures of all the injuries you sustained and/or the damage that was done to your property.
  6. You will want to contact a police brutality attorney in Louisville, KY right away and they will provide you with the next set of steps that you are going to want to take.
  7. In the event you are arrested in Louisville, KY, ask the jail staff to take photographs of your injuries and then ask to contact your Louisville, KY police misconduct lawyer. You are advised to also have your attorney to come to the jail as soon as possible so that they can take pictures of your injuries themselves so you have it for your records. Your attorney may want to request a copy of the photos the jail staff took so that they can compare the injuries from the time you entered the jail up until the time they were able to come and take their own photos.

How do I file a lawsuit against the Kentucky State Police?


Louisville, KY police brutality lawyers nearby

If you are considering suing the KSP for the mistreatment you were subjected to, contact one of our police brutality lawyers in Louisville, KY today to find out how they can help you with this.

Now, if you decide that you want to take further action against the officer who mistreated you by filing a lawsuit against the Kentucky State Police, you are permitted to do so. You will want your police brutality lawyer in Louisville, KY to help you gather all the evidence you will need and file the necessary court documents to initiate your case. Although these cases tend to be some of the more complex types, you will have nothing to worry about given you retain a KY police misconduct lawyer at USAttorneys.com.


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