Police officers in Idaho are permitted to apply a certain level of force while carrying out their duties to protect and serve their community. Officers can use force when a suspect becomes noncompliant or attempts to flee, or if a bystander is obstructing an officer from performing their duties. Law enforcement officers are also given the right to apply force if they feel their lives or those around them are being put at risk.

Use of force is extremely common in law enforcement as officers often come in contact with dangerous individuals who could potentially cause them harm. The key to an officer applying force, however, is that they must only use it when necessary and the level of force cannot exceed what is considered reasonable. Anything above reasonable is considered excessive.

So, what happens when an officer applies force to an individual for no reason?

When a police officer in Idaho applies any level of force without having a valid reason for doing so, it is considered a form of excessive force. Excessive force is prohibited in all police agencies and serves as grounds for an officer to face disciplinary action. In addition, if an officer’s application of excessive force caused an individual to suffer physical or psychological injuries, then they could be the subject of a civil lawsuit as well.


Suing an Idaho Police Officer Over Excessive Force


When a police officer applies too much force or any level of force without having a justifiable reason for doing so, they and their department can be sued for any injuries they cause another person to suffer. An individual who was injured as a result of an officer applying excessive force should consider retaining an Idaho police brutality lawyer who can help them understand the civil lawsuit process as well as value their damages.

When a civil lawsuit is filed against a police officer and/or their agency, an individual can request that they are compensated for any of the following that apply:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish (e.g. anxiety, depression, etc.)
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Embarrassment
  • Loss of enjoyment of life


While a victim of police brutality can certainly request that they are awarded damages (i.e. compensation), they must be able to show the officer engaged in a wrongful act that led to them suffering injuries.


Potential Outcomes in a Police Brutality Case


Many of the cases that stem from police misconduct often don’t result in an officer facing disciplinary action. However, that doesn’t mean an individual will walk away from their case empty-handed. When an individual sues a police department or officer, there is a chance they may be able to settle with the agency or even the city so that they are compensated for the harm that was inflicted upon them. And individuals who retain an Idaho police brutality lawyer are more likely to walk away from their case with a favorable outcome.


Connect with an Idaho Police Brutality Attorney Now


If an individual would like the opportunity to discuss their incident with a police brutality lawyer who can determine if they have the grounds to sue, they can contact USAttorneys.com for help. Whether the incident involved an officer in Boise, Meridian, or Nampa, USAtorneys.com can help a victim of officer misconduct connect with an experienced lawyer who will know how to help them with their situation.