Police officers are expected to protect and serve their communities and help rid the streets of violent and dangerous individuals. What they aren’t hired to do is arrest innocent people for personal gain or as a way to abuse their rights. If an individual in Alaska was arrested on false evidence, there are a few ways they can address the issue.


Report the Officer’s Act of Misconduct by Filing a Complaint Against Him/Her


Every police department should have a process for civilians to follow when they want to file a complaint against an officer. While most police departments have an Internal Affairs Unit which is responsible for handling complaints filed against officers, the best way for an individual to find out where they can lodge a complaint is by contacting the department directly.

For example, if an individual was harmed and arrested by a Juneau police officer, they could file a complaint online by visiting the Juneau Police Department’s website. Once a complaint has been filed, the department or unit responsible for handling it should conduct a thorough investigation to determine if the complaint is valid. If it is, disciplinary action should then be taken.


Contact an Alaska Police Brutality Lawyer


Sometimes, filing a complaint against an Alaska police officer for making a false arrest isn’t enough, especially if he/she faced little to no disciplinary action for their behavior. If an individual feels as though filing a complaint won’t provide them with the justice they are seeking or the complaint was not properly handled, they might then consider contacting an Alaska police brutality attorney.


Ways a Police Brutality Attorney Can Help After an Act of Misconduct


There are many benefits to hiring a police brutality lawyer following an act of misconduct, some of which include:


  • They will help an individual understand their legal rights and what legal remedies are available to them when they have been violated.
  • Help them file a complaint with the officer’s department if the victim didn’t do so already.
  • Explore with a victim the parties who can be held liable for the mistreatment they were subjected to. Sometimes, it isn’t only the officer who can be held accountable for an act of misconduct. Instead, an officer, their department, and even the city in which they work in can face consequences for the inappropriate behavior the officer displayed.
  • Help an individual file a civil lawsuit against all liable parties. If an individual was not only arrested on false evidence but was racially profiled, physically harmed, etc. during their arrest, an attorney can help them file a civil lawsuit. civil lawsuits can bring a victim closer to recovering the financial relief they may be due for their pain and suffering, embarrassment, mental anguish, and more.


If an individual would like to learn more about the steps they should take after being subjected to an act of police brutality, they can contact USAttorneys.com. USAttorneys.com can get a victim connected to a reputable Alaska police brutality attorney who has experience with handling these types of cases and is sure to protect their rights.