If a Colorado police officer overreacted during an arrest which led to violence and injuries, an individual can address the issue in a few different ways. When a police officer overreacts and becomes violent, their behavior may a form of excessive force. Excessive is force is any level of force that is deemed unreasonable.1

For example, if a suspect was complying with officer commands during an arrest by remaining calm and allowing the officer to handcuff them, there would be no reason for an officer to engage in any behavior that would cause the individual to suffer injuries. In a case like this, if an officer were to cause harm to a compliant suspect, they could be recognized for excessive force.


Filing a Complaint Against a Colorado Police Officer for Excessive Force


If a Colorado police officer became violent toward a suspect during their arrest, they could file a complaint with the officer’s department. For example, if the officer worked for the Denver Police Department, an individual would need to download a Denver Police/Sheriff Complaint and Commendation Form by clicking here and submitting it to the Office of the Independent Monitor. Most departments allow forms to be faxed, mailed, or hand-delivered.

While complaints can help get police officers recognized for applying excessive force, there is another way a victim can obtain justice for the harm that has been inflicted upon them.


Suing a Police Department for Excessive Force


Sometimes, filing a complaint against an aggressive officer doesn’t do a victim enough justice, especially if it led to little or no disciplinary action being taken against the officer. Therefore, if a victim of police misconduct wants to hold an officer or their department liable for the injuries they suffered during their arrest, they can contact a Colorado police misconduct lawyer to find out if they have the grounds to file a civil lawsuit.

When filing a civil lawsuit against a police department and/or officer for personal injuries, there is a certain process that must be followed. To ensure the lawsuit is filed correctly, a victim of excessive force should consider having a CO police brutality attorney help them.


Bryan & Terrill Law, PLLC is a Police Misconduct Law Firm in Colorado that Can Help Address Excessive Force Complaints


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