Individuals who have been arrested and are doing their time in jail are still entitled to be treated with a certain degree of respect by their fellow inmates and also by the officers who are in charge of supervising them.

Police officers actually have a duty to ensure the person they have arrested remains in good physical health and they can even be questioned regarding the mental health of their detainee in certain conditions. Say for instance, if a person who was arrested claims to be suicidal and threatens to kill themselves, it is the officer’s responsibility to report this incident and get that person to a mental health facility as soon as possible so that individual can get the help they need.

If the person is not given the proper treatment and if their words are ignored, the officer can be held accountable if the individual ends up taking their life during that time period.

What rights do I have when I am in prison?

The eighth amendment ascertains that inmates have the right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment. The exact definition of cruel and unusual punishment has not been outlined anywhere, but any form of behavior against the inmate which is physically or mentally abusive is generally included under this term.

Individuals who are imprisoned have the right to be protected from the violence and abuse of other inmates, sexual harassment, and psychological abuse as well. If a person is in prison and they feel that a police officer has failed to do their duty in protecting them or the officer actually conducted an act of brutality against them they are allowed to voice their concerns to the court.

Furthermore, if an inmate has a disability they are entitled to proper accommodation for their medical needs. Even inmates who do not suffer from a disability are entitled to receiving proper medical care during their time in prison.

Inmates are actually allowed to complain to both prison officials and also get civil judgments in court if they feel like their rights are being violated in any way. Whether they are complaining against the poor living conditions they are being given in prison, or whether they are complaining about an act of aggression done by an officer against them, they have the right to have their voices heard by the law.

What should I do when my rights are violated?

Family members who hear that their relative is not being treated with proper humanity while behind bars can contact a police brutality attorney in Lake Charles, LA to discuss the options they can pursue to try and get their relative the justice they deserve.

Naturally, it is understood that some rights, such as the right to privacy, will definitely have to be given up when a person goes behind bars. However, the reality is that inmates still have many other rights and if these basic rights are being compromised they can take legal action in order to stop the mistreatment as soon as possible.

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