Police routinely mishandle interactions with individuals with mental health problems and cause serious injuries or death.

Multiple Jackson police officers were involved in a beating that eventually led to the victim’s death a few days later.

Police fatally beat schizophrenic man when responding to his home 

The incident occurred when the victim’s mother called 911 to request help for her son who seemed to be acting erratically. The Jackson police were already busy with investigating other homicides in the area at the time.

Apparently, the young man had been diagnosed with schizophrenia in the past, and his mother believed he needed medical attention based on the way he was acting. She requested that only medical personnel respond to the scene, as she had issues with the police in the past. She claims that the officers immediately cuffed the victim by his hands and feet and placed him face down on a couch when they arrived. She said that they began to hit him near the legs and head and he ended up on the floor shortly afterward. The beating continued for several minutes until the EMTs arrived.

He was given two injections and taken to the hospital by medical personnel, but his mother believed he was not breathing at the time. He was placed on life support at the emergency room in a local hospital and died six days later from his injuries. The victim’s mother believes the police must have dealt the fatal blows to him as he was laying on the floor of their house. The doctors at the hospital told her they believed his death was caused by blunt force trauma to the head, even though an official cause of death was not immediately released.

The 31 year old male victim had a 2 year old daughter and was scheduled to start a new job the following week. The department did not release any information about possible disciplinary actions against any of the officers involved.

Wrongful deaths caused by the police

When a police beating results in death there is the potential for large amounts to be paid out to the surviving family members. The victim’s future lost wages are a significant amount, because this is essentially the total of what the person could have earned between the time of death and their retirement age. Wrongful death lawsuits can also be used to make the defendant pay for things like funeral expenses and medical treatment before the victim’s death. The facts of this particular case are especially egregious because the officers did not even have a reason to make an arrest or stop a crime in progress when they arrived on the scene and used excessive force. The victim’s mother had essentially requested medical attention.

The assistance of an experienced police brutality lawyer is necessary after any incident involving serious injuries or death to ensure that the victim or their family members receive appropriate amounts of compensation.

Speak with an attorney in your area about an injury caused by the police

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