A police brutality lawyer is the type of lawyer that should be hired if an individual is looking to sue a cop or law enforcement agency in Georgia. These types of attorneys have experience with handling cases that stem from officer misconduct or corruption within an agency and are familiar with the laws that protect individuals from being harmed or mistreated by police officers. If an individual is looking to hire a police brutality attorney, they need to be certain that he/she has represented victims of police brutality in the past and can show their successful verdicts.


When Can an Individual Sue the Police in Georgia


Police departments, like other public and private entities, can be sued when a wrongful or negligent act is committed which results in an individual suffering physical and/or psychological injuries. While the lawsuit process may differ slightly from the process one would follow if they were suing a drunk driver who caused an accident, it still allows a victim of police misconduct to request that they be compensated for the various damages they suffered.

Common Reasons for Filing a Lawsuit Against a Georgia Police Officer or Agency


An individual can file a police brutality lawsuit if:

  1. An officer applied excessive force. Although police officers are given the right to apply force during an encounter with a suspect, any level that is deemed unreasonable is considered excessive and may serve as grounds for an individual to file suit.
  2. An officer sexually assaulted a civilian or suspect. If a law enforcement officer in Georgia sexually assaulted a suspect they were questioning or arresting or a civilian who called their department for help, they can be sued for the victim’s physical and mental pain and suffering.
  3. An officer falsified a police report or planted evidence that led to an arrest or conviction.Getting arrested is not only traumatic but it is also embarrassing as well. If an individual was falsely arrested because an officer planted evidence on them or falsified their report to make the arrest appear to be valid, they can be held liable for compensating a victim for things like jail fees, court costs, attorney fees, and even pain and suffering.
  4. An officer caused an individual to suffer fatal injuries. If an individual’s family member was killed as a result of an officer applying excessive force, they can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the department and even the officer.


Get Connected with a Georgia Police Brutality Lawyer Now


When an individual’s encounter with a police officer goes bad, the best thing they can do is connect with a police brutality lawyer in their city. A lawyer will not only be able to answer any questions they might have, but they also help a potential victim understand their rights and how they can be properly exercised. For those who are looking to get their questions and concerns answered by a qualified GA police brutality lawyer, they can contact USAttorneys.com to connected with an attorney nearest them.