In most cases of abuse, a victim would call 911 for help. However, when a police officer is the one who commits the abuse, it can be confusing to figure out what steps should be taken next in order to find relief and get compensated fairly.

In order to make a complaint of police misconduct, a person should get in touch with a police brutality lawyer in Punta Gorda, FL. An attorney will help ensure they are following the appropriate steps which will result in the highest chances of them putting the officer to justice for his or her actions.

Before contacting an attorney, however, it is vital that a person writes down exactly what took place between themselves and the officer. This written statement does not have to be submitted, but it is important to write everything down because this can help a person remember the details accurately, which will be essential if the matter ever escalates to a court trial.

When a person goes through a traumatic experience, it is often difficult for them to perceive events properly and recall memories accurately. This can be a big problem when it comes to giving a statement in court or filing a police misconduct report, a written statement which was recorded right after the actual incident took place can truly be useful in these situations.

If I do not get arrested, do I still need an attorney?

It is always useful to have a lawyer on one’s side even if they were not arrested by the officer. If they were arrested then they will need a lawyer more than anything to help them stand up for their rights and to help them make their claim against the officer.

It is important to remember that a person can’t file a police misconduct report until all the charges have been cleared. If a person files a police misconduct report before having their charges cleared then they risk giving away too much unnecessary information which can actually end up harming their chances of winning the case.

A police misconduct report can be filed after the charges are cleared. In order to file a report, a person should get in touch with the complaint sector of their police department located in their jurisdiction, or they should check if they are eligible to file a complaint through their jurisdictions citizen review board. Filing a police misconduct report on one’s own and not taking any other form of legal action against the officer will definitely yield slow results.

If a person is looking for quicker justice, a police brutality attorney can help them follow the legal process which will lead them to the fastest method through which they can be compensated for the pain and unnecessary suffering which the police officer put them through.

The unfortunate truth is that it can be very difficult to prove that a police officer was guilty of misconduct. When it comes to police brutality cases, a lawyer will generally look at how much evidence a person has as opposed to how badly the officer behaved. If there is enough evidence to prove the injustice took place an attorney may recommend that they go forward with a civil lawsuit against the officer.

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