One of the best ways to help secure a victory after filing a police brutality case against a department is to have some kind of clear, unequivocal evidence that the officers violated use of force protocols and beat a victim.

A body camera video surfaced of police officers from the City of Miami department hitting a suspect multiple times as they detained him.

Robbery suspect beaten by multiple officers as he is detained

The suspect was accused of a robbery at a gas station and the police made contact with him nearby to make an arrest for that offense. However, the body camera footage from one of the officers who approached the victim shows them immediately starting to kick and punch him as they make contact. The suspect ends up on the ground handcuffed and in the fetal position as they continued to deal unnecessary blows to the man. The officers later claimed that they feared the suspect had a weapon and needed to use force to disarm him. The incident is now being reviewed by a civilian investigative panel, which will make a recommendation to the department’s internal affairs for discipline.

One of the officers who was on the scene and attempted to cover his body camera during the incident had previously quit before any actions were taken against him. Another sergeant on the scene was cleared of any wrongdoing by the department.

The victim’s mother expressed disappointment at the way the situation was handled and said her son had bruises and swelling on his face and gashes on his neck when she saw him after the incident.

Why is a civil case against the police department important?

After an incident like this, a civil lawsuit is the best way to make the officers and department responsible pay for things like medical bills, hospitalization, and other trauma related to an illegal beating. With the assistance of a police brutality lawyer, victims can make an argument that they should receive the most compensation allowed by law. This case can be filed regardless of whether the officers are disciplined by the department or charged criminally for their actions. A civil case against the department is treated as a totally separate matter from any other punishments they may or may not receive.

The benefit of video evidence

A situation such as this is especially helpful to a plaintiff because there is clear video evidence of misconduct. This means that it will be much easier for the plaintiff to win a settlement or judgment when there is little that can be said to explain such a high level of misconduct and excessive use of force. Many of the most significant police brutality cases follow this same format, where a suspect is already detained and defenseless, yet severely beaten by multiple officers.

Speak with a police brutality attorney in your city

To get help from a local attorney in the Miami area after an incident of police violence, contact Orlando R. Murillo, P.A. He specializes in helping injured people after all kinds of accidents.

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