There are several ways you can address the issue and it starts with hiring a police brutality attorney in your area.

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Police officers who write false reports could face disciplinary action and can even be criminally charged when the proper action is taken to combat their act of misconduct.

Police officers serve a very important role in our communities. They protect and serve and help maintain order. But, when a police officer abuses their power and violates the Constitutional rights of those they come in contact with, they only widen the gap that exists between the community and its police officers. One of the most common types of Constitutional violations that police brutality lawyers and the Department of Justice (DOJ) investigate stem from false arrests.

When a person is arrested and there isn’t substantial evidence that gives an officer a reason to believe that individual is guilty of committing a crime, they are jeopardizing that person’s future and the current opportunities they may have had going for them. Aside from making an arrest with little to no evidence, officers are sometimes guilty of writing false police reports to conceal their acts of misconduct or fabricating evidence just so they can take an innocent person to jail.


If you were arrested or jailed because a police officer in your city wrote a false police report, is here to help get you connected with a dependable and aggressive police brutality attorney. You have rights and its time you become more informed as to what they are. Not only do you have the right to file a complaint with the DOJ which can then prosecute the officers who are guilty of obstruction of justice, but you can sue the police officer and/or their department for monetary relief.


Why do police officers write false reports?


The police officers who write false reports often find themselves engaging in the unlawful act because:

  1. They are trying to cover their backs in the event they engaged in an act of misconduct. Unfortunately, there are police officers who fail to abide by state, federal, or department rules and use their power and authority to take advantage of the individuals they come in contact with. For example, an officer may have applied excessive force on a suspect and rather than admit they did so, they might fabricate the report and allege the suspect was being combative or resisting arrest which would then justify their actions but also result in that individual being charged with a crime he or she did not commit.


  1. They want to make themselves look productive. When an officer makes an arrest, it looks as though he or she is doing their job well and keeping the community safe. Unfortunately, some officers will go to great lengths (i.e. writing a false report) just so their monthly arrest record isn’t empty or only has a few arrests listed on it.


  1. They are biased toward a specific group of individuals. As much as we would like to believe that all cops treat everyone with equality, the truth is, there is a significant amount of racial bias happening within police departments all across the U.S. Some police officers use racial profiling to make unlawful stops and then proceed to make an arrest knowing they did not have probable cause to stop the individual in the first place. Others simply have negative attitudes certain groups of individuals and falsifying a police report just so they have a “legitimate” reason to arrest them and take them to jail.


Here’s what you need to do if a police officer in your city filed a false police report.

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Looking to seek justice against the police officer who wrote a false report resulting in your arrest? If so, contact to get connected with a local police brutality lawyer.

If you or someone you know were charged with a crime in your city or had to pay a fine as a result of an officer writing a false report, you need to contact a police brutality lawyer who can help you report the act of misconduct. It can be rather overwhelming to find and retain an attorney, so rather than take on that burden, why not let assist you.

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