It can be difficult for a person to tell if they are simply being confronted by an officer or if they are actually being harassed by one. Most people are not aware of the rights which they have over the officer and that is why they allow the officer to get away by treating them in any way he or she desires.

An easy way to discern if an officer has acted wrongly towards an individual is to evaluate whether the officer unnecessarily caused the person harm. Say for instance if the officer used their taser when there was no threat at all or if the officer was using demeaning and racist vocabulary while arresting them. It is never okay for an officer to harm the suspect physically or emotionally unless the suspect is armed and is a danger to themselves and those who are around them.

A victim of police harassment should reach out to a police brutality attorney in Fort Myers as soon as they possibly can in order to determine whether they will be able to pursue a legal case against the officer or not. It can be tricky to litigate against an officer because of the immunity they are offered by the law. However, it is definitely not impossible to escalate matters in court, especially if an officer committed a very serious case of harassment.

When a person is trying to prove to the court that they were unnecessarily harmed by the officer it is in their best interests to have all of their medical bills handy to present as evidence of the physical injuries they suffered due to the actions of the officer. If a person becomes permanently disabled or if their injury is one which will last long term and they are unable to go back to work because of the hurt they are suffering then it is absolutely vital that they try their best to litigate in order to help them cover their financial losses.

After the encounter with the officer, a person should always write down exactly what was said and what took place so that they can remember the sequence of events easily later on.

Is false accusation from an officer a form of harassment?

If a person is falsely accused by an officer about a crime which they clearly did not commit this does come under an act of harassment. Officers can have many reasons to try and shift blame, whether it is to divert the attention of the court form the original suspect or simply as an act of racial profiling. Whatever the case is, no individual should ever have to bear the burden of facing the penalties of a crime which they had nothing to do with.

Calling an attorney is definitely the first step which should be taken if a person is harassed in this way by a police officer. Hopefully, through the use of legal references, the lawyer will be able to collect the required pieces of evidence and witnesses to clear a person’s name.

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