The Fourth Amendment gives everyone the freedom to be protected from being searched unreasonably and from having their property seized from them without a valid reason. If a police officer frisks a person and confiscates their personal belongings without a reason, they should definitely call a police brutality lawyer in Chicago, IL. A police brutality lawyer will be able to advise a person on the legal options they have before them to get their property back or to have the officer penalized if possible.

An officer is not allowed to frisk a person unless they have strong reason to believe the person possessed illegal or harmful objects on their person. In many cases, individuals are sexually harassed by officers during their frisk. If this is the case, a person can most certainly file a complaint against the officer.

Most individuals choose to remain silent when they are frisked and let go because they fear the authority the officer has. However, this is never the right decision to make. If a person wants to contribute to the betterment of their society then they should certainly take the extra step of calling a police brutality lawyer in Chicago, IL if they are ever mistreated.

The reason why they need to inform the authorities is so that both the police department and the court have a record of what police officers have been doing. Even if a person is unable to pursue legal action because of the immunity granted to the officers, they would have at least informed the officials of what is going on in the community and this could lead to serious policy changes for the police department and stricter rules on police officers later on down the road, provided that enough complaints are accumulated.

Am I allowed to push an officer away if they are frisking me?

It is never a good idea to lay a hand on a police officer no matter what sort of situation a person is in. If an officer is frisking a person without cause they should use their words to inform the officer that their actions are not welcome. If a person tries to push the officer away they can be charged very severely for battery on an officer.

If the situation is very serious and the officer is actually hitting a person then they are allowed to use their hands to defend themselves from falling or to defend themselves against the blows being thrown at them. They should never, in any case, hit an officer back.

The good news is that anyone who was assaulted unfairly by an officer can try and lay charges against them based on the severity of their case. A [person should call a police brutality attorney to learn the possible legal routes which are available to seek compensation after suffering some form of loss or harm due to the misconduct of an officer.

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