Police officers may have a lot of authority to go about and conduct their duties properly, but they can still be held accountable for their actions if they end up acting against the law. As sad as it is, police brutality is actually fairly prevalent in Ft Myers.

Police brutality has many faces and everyone should be well educated on what police brutality looks like so they can take the proper actions to fight against it if they ever find themselves faced with such a situation.

There are many different scenarios which come under police brutality, including:

  • Malicious prosecution by the officer
  • Use of excessive force by the officer
  • Being subjected to imprisonment or false arrest
  • Being searched without reason by the officer
  • Facing racial profiling by the officer
  • Being sexually approached by the officer in any way

If a person is treated in any of the above ways by a police officer they should contact a police brutality attorney in Fort Myers to help them deal with the legalities of the situation. It is extremely important to call an attorney if a person has been falsely arrested by an officer because without the correct evidence and without acting in the appropriate timeframe a person might just end up having to follow through with the conviction and the penalties that come with it, even if they were completely innocent, to begin with.

Under what condition is an officer allowed to search me?

It may come as a surprise to many people, but an officer is not always allowed to search a person or go through their belongings. Police officers are generally allowed to stop people in public places and request them for their identification and ask them questions regarding their suspicions.

However, in order to step into their home or do an intrusive check of their belongings, they generally have to have a very strong reason to be suspicious before they can go forth with their actions.

A police officer is allowed to search a person if they can provide a reasonable reason for being suspicious. However, if they cannot do that, they can be held accountable for their search at a legal level. An attorney in Fort Myers will be able to educate a person on whether or not the officer violated their rights by searching them depending on their specific situation.

There are some cases that obviously count as unreasonable reasons for an officer to conduct their search. Among them are if an officer raids a person’s home without a warrant or without any imminent emergency on hand.  A person’s home is their private property and unless an officer can provide a strong and valid reason, they are generally not allowed to enter it and go through one’s belongings.

Another invalid reason which could get an officer in trouble at the legal level is if an officer conducts a strip search on a person who was only arrested for a basic misdemeanor crime. Even if a person is not sure whether or not they were subjected to some form of police brutality, they should call a legal professional for confirmation and insight on their case.



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