A police officer can be guilty of police misconduct if they utilize their authority and power to hurt the people whom they are supposed to be protecting. There are many different forms of potential misconduct which an officer can be guilty of, including:

  • Racial profiling
  • Bribing victims or city council members
  • Selective enforcement
  • Violating any part of the United States Constitution
  • Intimidation
  • Witness tampering
  • Unwarranted seizure of property
  • Destroying or planting evidence
  • False arrest and imprisonment
  • Sexual harassment

Police officers can be held to account on a legal level if they are found guilty of any of the above forms of misconduct. The more severely they misacted and the more damage they caused to the victim, the more likely that the victim will be able to retrieve some form of compensation from them. Getting in touch with a police brutality attorney is a great idea for anyone who has been treated poorly by an officer. A police brutality lawyer in Annapolis MD can easily assist a person throughout the litigation process.

Can a police officer be held responsible for off-duty misconduct?

Like all other citizens, police officers are required to behave according to the law whether they are on- duty or off-duty. However, if an officer is in uniform and on-duty when they show brutality towards someone their actions will most likely be taken more seriously because of how they manipulated the power given to them.

A case will be taken more seriously if a person suffered intense and potentially permanent physical injuries at the hands of the officer. If this is the case whether the officer was on-duty or off-duty will not make much of a difference because of the seriousness of the crime.

Can a police officer use their badge to get free entry into concerts and other similar places?

Police officers are not allowed to use their badges and their authority to ask for discounts on tickets or to get free entry into places where other individuals have to pay to enter. If an officer does try and use their badge for such purposes they are definitely committing an act of misconduct and a person can file a complaint against them.

Likewise, police officers often use their authority to intimidate innocent individuals for no apparent reason. If a person has reason to believe this intimidation is being conducted due to their race or their religion then they have solid grounds to complain against the officer and possibly even litigate against them if they openly showed signs of hatred.

Police officers are expected to act in the best interest of serving and protecting all the people in society. They are expected to show the highest levels of honesty, integrity, and nobility. If an officer is guilty of misusing their power and failing to honor the title they have been given a person should definitely file a complaint against them so that they do not end up repeating the same patterns of misconduct with other individuals.

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