What Are Some Examples of Police Misconduct?

Police misconduct can be defined as illegal or unacceptable behavior exhibited by an officer while they are on the job. The terms ‘police misconduct’ and ‘police corruption’ can be used interchangeably as both indicate the misbehavior of an officer while trying to implement the law. The reasons for an officer exhibiting misconduct can be various.

Some officers feel like they can behave inappropriately with other people because of the power and authority they are given. Others yet have personal grudges and problems that they believe can be settled through abusing their power. Law enforcement officers may also act out when confronting suspects to earn respect from their colleagues.

Police misconduct involves the violation of the civil rights of a person and often the violation of both State and Federal laws. Some examples of police misconduct are:

  • Use of excessive force without reason
  • Use of a lethal weapon without reasons
  • Arresting through discriminating people or racial profiling
  • Physically and verbally harassing people
  • Selectively enforcing laws based on the officer’s desires
  • Bribing lawmakers
  • Tampering with witnesses
  • False arrest
  • Sexual misconduct

An officer who carries out any of the above actions has infringed on the rights of the people and the officer deserves to be reported and have legal action taken against them. Even if a person’s case is not serious enough for them to get compensated for the harm the officer harmed them, they still have the right to file a complaint with the Department of Justice so the officers name is in their records and if any form of misconduct stems from the same officer again, they can be held accountable appropriately.

The most important factor to be taken into consideration when filing a legal complaint against an officer is evidence. If a person has enough evidence to prove that the officer was misbehaving and violating the law, then they stand a good chance of having the officer convicted and possibly even being compensated for the harm they were caused.

Police officers have sworn to protect the civil rights of all Americans. If an officer takes away these rights with their own hands, they have seriously committed a grave injustice and every person deserves to be compensated for the harm they suffered through the officer’s hands. Calling a police brutality attorney is always a good idea for a person who has been on the opposite end of an officer’s misconduct.

It is never easy to be falsely accused by an officer because of how much trust most individuals place on the shoulders of these law enforcement professionals. Being treated poorly by an officer can have a major impact on a person’s mental health and if the officer used physical force then a person may have expensive injuries to recover from as well. A lawyer can help a person collect the necessary pieces of evidence to prove that a person has suffered a lot due to the unjust actions of the officer and increase their chances of receiving compensation to help pay for their losses.




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