Are You Looking For A Police Brutality Lawyer In West Virginia?

There is no doubt that police officers in West Virginia are placed in unpredictable and dangerous situations on a constant basis. Because they place their life on the line in many circumstances, they have the right to apply physical force and even deadly force to protect themselves, other officers, and any bystanders involved in the situation. But, as we continue to witness, officers are abusing their rights and power and using force when it isn’t actually necessary. Some might say the constant deaths of unarmed individuals might be attributed to a lack of training on a police department’s part, however, because many officers walk away from police brutality cases without a single conviction, it is hard to decipher.

According to a West Virginia State Police Chief Howard E. Hill, “In order to minimize harm to others and to themselves, law enforcement officers must exercise critical and quick judgement” but unfortunately, many lives are taken in instances where an officer could have avoided using deadly force.

Some types of injuries that arise when an officer of the law abuses their right to apply force includes:


What Types of Law Enforcement Officers Can be Guilty of Police Misconduct?

Municipal police officers, deputy sheriffs, and correctional officers all can be charged with police brutality if they abuse their rights and mistreat individuals. Unfortunately, many aren’t which is why we encourage you to turn to one of our West Virginia police brutality lawyers featured on who can help you recognize an officer for their misconduct.


Did an officer cause injuries to you or someone you know?

It is important that officers are recognized for their abuse or misconduct they impose onto others as there are ways to hold them and their department accountable. According to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, police brutality claims “draw precious financial resources away from the police force” with the litigation and settlement costs that come out of the claims. But, the more cases that are brought forward, the more light that is being shed on the rising issue of police brutality. Back in 1994-2001, West Virginia state police was required to pay out $7.8 million due to wrongful arrests and settlements from police brutality cases. Every year these cases continue to arise which means the issue isn’t going anywhere, but you can take a stand for your rights or those of your loved ones. is here to help you and your family fight back against police misconduct and abuse. While it is important to remember that many officers are working hard and risking their lives to protect the community, for those who abuse their rights as an officer shouldn’t be able to walk away while you suffer, whether it be from a physical or mental injury.

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