Police officers around the country are trained to only use enough force to detain a suspect and prevent harm to themselves and others nearby. However, these use of force protocols are regularly violated, and victims should know that they can file lawsuits and take other actions in response. 

A police chief in Greenbrier County, West Virginia was investigated after an incident where he appeared to have assaulted a man who was in custody.

Video shows police chief kicking a handcuffed man

The investigation was related to the chief for the city of Ronceverte. He had initially been placed on administrative leave because a video of him engaged in misconduct surfaced in July of 2018. The recording was approximately two months old at the time.

The footage showed a suspected was already detained and handcuffed lying on the ground. The chief is then seen kicking the man in the face. All of this happened within the Ronceverte Police Department building. 

City officials who reviewed the incident claimed that the chief did not use an excessive amount of force, and they said that the victim never bothered to make any kind of formal accusations of misconduct. Local authorities along with one former West Virginia State Trooper conducted most of the investigation after the video emerged. The chief was eventually able to resume his duties after the investigation concluded. 

Responding to a police beating

Every person in the United States is entitled to basic protections against the government, which include their civil and constitutional rights. If a police officer uses their government granted authority to violate or take away someone’s rights, they can be subjected to various forms of discipline. 

One way that police officers are disciplined for serious acts of violence is through criminal charges. However, this is quite rare as local prosecutors rarely file charges against officers who work for the same municipality. The department can investigate the actions through their own internal affairs department, but other employees of the same department often conclude the investigation without taking any serious disciplinary actions. 

Because of these shortcomings of the disciplinary process of police departments and cities who can prosecute officers, it is best to retain your own lawyer for a civil lawsuit. This kind of case will allege that the officer violated various laws that protect citizens against violence. If the victim is successful they can receive compensation for their injuries and other losses caused by illegal government actions. The value of the case will depend on the severity of the misconduct and victim’s losses. 

Speak with a police brutality attorney

There are lawyers in your area who can discuss an incident of police violence, along with any possible remedies allowed by law. To find a lawyer in West Virginia, use the listings on USAttorneys.com