You Need One of Our Washington Police Brutality Attorneys to Help You

Just as police officers in Washington protect and serve the community in which they work in, they too are protected with certain laws that shield them from being prosecuted for killing an individual, whether it was intentional or accidental. Many police shootings grace the cover of news source sites yet the issue still stands strong: Why aren’t police officers being held accountable for the mistreatment they impose on individuals?

Obviously, not all officers of the law are looking to harm anyone and many are actually performing their job at a high standard. But, there are a handful who manage to engage in illegal acts and still walk away with a clean record. One state law in Washington has protected police for many years now as it requires “prosecutors to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that officers used deadly force “with malice.” According to The Stranger, that law was passed in 1986 and still stands strong today.

While police have the right to use physical force and apply deadly force if they feel it is necessary, many of the recent police shootings that have occurred involved unarmed citizens. Officers have claimed they feared for their life which is why they pulled that trigger, yet most of the people who have become the victims of police shootings weren’t pursuing the officers. For this reason, we are dedicated to helping you find a local Washington police brutality attorney in your city if you have become the victim to police abuse or misconduct.

Police abuse or misconduct can occur in many different ways and it is important that you recognize when your rights have been violated. Our featured police abuse and mistreatment lawyers can help you do this if you aren’t sure as they are familiar with both the state laws and those that officers are bound to abide by.


Advocacy Groups in Washington

Many people have come together to form support and advocacy groups to bring awareness to the issue and fight back against police brutality. If you wish to learn more about these groups and why it might benefit you to join, you can follow the provided links to gain more information about each.

Black Alliance of Thurston County– This groups focuses on bringing people together in order to impact the community and bring about a positive change. Some of the things they focus on include:

Amnesty International– This group works with individuals all across the U.S., including Washington to fight injustice and protect human rights.

Mothers for Police Accountability– This advocacy group is built with mothers who serve as advocates to “enhance the dignity and security of the whole community and against laws that divide the community.”

Aside from joining a support group, the only other way to combat back against police brutality is to take legal action against it. Our dedicated and compassionate police brutality lawyers in Washington are ready to help you build a solid case if you have been mistreated or abused by a police officer.

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