The Arlington County Police Department is responsible for managing and taking care of all of the arrests and police activity which occur in Arlington, VA. If a person has been abused by a police officer or they have witnessed an act which they think comes under police brutality, they should make sure to get in touch with the police department and file a complaint.

How do I file a complaint to the police department?

If an individual decides to file a complaint against a police officer then they should either call in at the main office, visit the police department in person, or simply communicate with the department through email. It is important to note that the police department will only take action if the officer in question works in their jurisdiction. Also, individuals should not expect a very prompt reply because of how busy the police station generally always is.

Is filing a complaint with the police department the best way to combat police brutality?

Despite what most people may think, reporting a case of brutality which a person just experienced or witnessed directly to the police department first is not always the smartest move to make. Generally, if a person does try reporting a case of police brutality themselves they risk the chance of forgetting to mention very important pieces of information. When individuals are panicking and when they have just experienced or seen something traumatic then they are ordinarily not in the right mindset to recall all of the pieces of the story accurately.

This can become a problem if the matter escalates and an individual finds themselves in court. The best way to make sure that one does not miss out on important details is to partner up with a police brutality attorney in Arlington, VA.

When a person chooses to get the help, advice, and guidance of a lawyer then they can rest assured that all of their paperwork will be filed with all of the required legalities in check. Having a lawyer on one’s side from the beginning is also very useful if a person decides to pursue legal action and they end up trying to sue the police officer or taking the officer to court.

Can I file a complaint against the police department itself?

Every police department has its own set of rules and policies to make sure their police officers are doing their job properly. If a person feels like the police department has unjust rules or that the police chief is not doing his or her job properly then it is necessary that they file a complaint with the correct authorities.

In such cases, an individual has the option of getting in touch with the FBI, Department of Justice or they can pursue legal action against the department through a lawyer. In their court trial, they can mention the officer who harmed them, the police chief, and also the police department. If the case turns out in the favor of the plaintiff (the victim of police brutality in this case) they can earn financial compensation for their pain and they can also have the guilty parties penalized for their lack of rules and regulations.

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