22 year old Utah man, Bernardo Palacios-Carbajal, was fatally shot on May 23rd by police after they responded to a report of gun threat. Officers chased Bernardo for several blocks when he bolted from the motel before firing at least 20 rounds at his back as reported by the Salt Lake Tribune.

Dramatic Video Gone Viral

Body cam footage of one of the officers belonging to Salt Lake City Police Department has now emerged. He can be seen chasing Palacios-Carbajal and firing at least 20 rounds of ammunition. According to a report, the police chased Bernardo because he allegedly robbed a strip club at gunpoint.

One of the officers can be heard yelling in the video asking Palacios-Carbajal to show his hands as he starts to run from the Utah Village Motel around 2 in the morning. The cops shout at the suspect during the pursuit to ‘Drop It!”. This is when nothing can be seen in the video about Bernardo possessing or holding a weapon of any kind.

Officers Open Fire

One of the officers claimed in the subsequent investigation that he saw something that looked a lot like a gun in the man’s pocket. In the footage, Bernardo can be seen falling twice during the chase and running again. He can be seen picking up something from the ground the third time he fell.

This is when the officers open fire and hit him in the back. One officer yells “Show me your f—ing hands!” as he lies on the ground bleeding.

The officers claimed they found a weapon near Bernardo when he fell. However, body cam footage of all three officers does not make it evident that Bernardo ever held or pointed a gun at anything during the chase but how did they know that? Why not just listen to the police?

Police Brutality in Utah can be Proved Through Video Footage

Police misconduct and brutality charges refer to a law enforcement official using excessive or unnecessary force, whether physically or verbally when dealing with civilians. This also includes assault, illegal search and seizure, abuse of prisoner rights, and inappropriate use of police dogs among others.

Video footage can be crucial as evidence in police brutality lawsuits. It can show the nature of brutality and all subsequent injuries pertaining to it. However, even with video footage, police brutality lawyers are necessary to ensure the video gets admitted as evidence.

Law enforcement officials enjoy several loopholes and immunity allowed by the law. This can make it difficult to prove a brutality case. Police brutality attorneys can take steps to help ensure that victims’ rights are upheld and that the law enforcement officials are brought to justice.

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