Police officers are often recognized for their heroic acts of bravery as they fight crime, placing their own lives at risk. Unfortunately, there are a handful of officers who abuse their rights and the power they hold, using it to take advantage of innocent and naïve individuals. Two NYPD officers, who have been stripped of their badges and guns and suspended without pay, have done just that when they decided to rape an 18-year-old girl who goes by “Anna Chambers” [Source: New York Post].

Back in September, narcotics officers Eddie Martins and Richard Hall were at their post at a buy-and-bust operation dressed in plain clothes when they decided to leave without permission. The two decided to cruise around Calvert Vaux Park where they pulled over an Infinity Coup. Chambers was driving the vehicle and there were two male passengers in the car with her. After being pulled over, Chambers allegedly began adjusting her bra because of a body piercing she had. The officers grew suspicious and requested that she pull out her breasts as they were under the impression that she was hiding something. Chambers complied.

Although nothing was retrieved from Chambers’ bra, the officers demanded that all three individuals get out of the vehicle. They searched the Infiniti and recovered pot in the center console and two Klonopin pills inside Chambers’ purse. Although the officers stated that they would issue Chambers a desk-appearance ticket rather than being arrested, they cuffed her and placed her in their Dodge Caravan. The two officers instructed the two males that had been with her to pick her up three hours later at the 60th Precinct and even called one of the men telling them not to tail the van.

Martins then told Chambers that he and Hall were “freaks” and proceeded to sexually assault Chambers, taking advantage of the fact that they had her detained. Unfortunately, sexual harassment and assault is one form of police brutality that occurs but often goes unnoticed. According to Chambers, Martins first climbed in the back, forced her to perform oral sex on him, and then proceeded to rape her.

Hall was watching the unlawful act take place through the rearview mirror.

Hall then pulled the van over and proceeded to do the same. Hall is married and a father of two. Eventually, the incident came to light which resulted in 50 counts of indictment placed against the two officers including charges of bribery, coercion, and official misconduct allegations to name a few. They could each face up to 25 years in prison for the top charge.

Could these officers get their charges dropped for the police misconduct they displayed?

That is still debatable. According to the news source, the defense attempted to refute the charges of forcible rape and bribery as “bribery implies an agreed-upon arrangement” which would then cancel out the charge of “forcible” rape. However, the two officers’ DNA matched genetic material that was recovered from the police brutality victim in a rape kit.

It would seem that with the evidence prosecutor Frank DeGaetano has revealed, freedom doesn’t appear to be an option for these officers. According to DeGaetano, the officers dropped Chambers off at the 60th Precinct in Coney Island, gave her the Klonopin pills back, and told her to “keep her mouth shut.” Although they claim the sexual act was consensual, why would they feel the need to warn her? And even if Chambers did comply, perhaps she was in fear of what the officers might do seeing that no one knew where she was and that she was handcuffed, unable to defend herself.

The two officers are out on bond and are expected to be back in court January 18th.

One way to combat police brutality is for those who have been abuse or harassment by an officer of the law to bring their case forward just as Chambers did. If you need a police brutality attorney to represent you and help prove your claims are legitimate, USAttorneys.com can help you find a local police misconduct attorney in your area now.