Concord Police Department has released body cam footage showing the shooting of 60-year-old Donald James Everson. The fatal shooting took place on December 1st, 2019 around 11:45 in the morning. The department has also released the 911 call made by the parents of Everson.

Everson Attacked His Parents

Concord police responded to the 911 call made from the 900 block of Oasis Drive. An elderly couple had made a distress call to dispatch claiming their son was going to murder them. They also said the son was behaving erratically under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

When the police arrived, Everson’s 90 year old father walked out. He was bleeding from the face and told the officers that his 85 year old wife was still inside and hurt.

Everson Threatens to Kill Cops in 911 Call

Everson can be clearly heard on the 911 call released. He says he will shoot any police officer that comes in through the door. The police did not barge into the house. They tried to talk down Everson and asked him to come out. That did not happen and the police had to kick the door in.

The body cam video footage shows that Everson threatened his mother again in front of the officers. He can be clearly heard saying that “I am going to kill her!”

Officers found Everson in the kitchen holding a knife over his mother’s head. The mother was bleeding from multiple cuts on her torso and face. This is when the two officers opened fire without warning because a warning could have allowed this violent individual to kill his own mother.

Everson was called dead at the scene much to the relief of the community and both parents.

His parents were taken to a local hospital for medical help where they are still being treated for injuries. They told the police that Everson was mentally disturbed which to many is a reason he should not be allowed to be a free person.

Police Brutality and Misconduct in New Hampshire

Police misconduct, brutality, and excessive force refers to a situation where the police misuse their legal power during routine questioning, car stops, arrests, and other law enforcement pursuits. Officers are supposed to uphold the law and protect citizens from criminals.

They are also required to use appropriate force during their investigations. Victims should get in touch with a police brutality lawyer immediately if their rights have been violated. Law enforcement officials are subject to civil liability lawsuits for their actions when they cross the line of duty, which directly results in the violation of constitutional rights.

It is important to seek a capable and knowledgeable police brutality attorney to help understand the several duties of a police officer and the rights of a victim.

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