With police brutality being the serious issue that it is, it is important for individuals to become aware of how they should conduct themselves when encountering an officer of the law. Unfortunately, many lives have been taken and many innocent individuals have been harmed by officers who abuse their rights and apply excessive force without the need for it.

To help prevent further incidents from occurring, below are “10 Rules of Survival if Stopped by the Police,” a list compiled by PBS station, SALT Project, Trinity Church of Christ and Christian Theological Seminary. These tips are for you and your loved ones to take into account to help avoid any encounter with police from becoming a deadly one.


  1. Be polite and respectful if you are stopped by an officer.
  2. The goal you want to remain cognizant of is that you need to get home safely. Remember, if your rights are violated in any way, you will have the opportunity to file a formal complaint with your local police jurisdiction as well as hire a Pittsburgh police brutality attorney to represent you.
  3. Don’t get into an argument with an officer. If you can feel the tension is building, avoid raising your voice or using a tone that might be taken offensively.
  4. Remember that anything you say or do can and will be used against you in court.
  5. Keep your hands in plain sight and be sure police always have a clear view of them.
  6. Avoid any type of physical contact with police. Don’t make any sudden movements and always keep your hands out of your pockets. Many cases in the past involving someone reaching to adjust their clothing or touching near their pockets has been misconstrued and ended with them being shot.
  7. Do not flee from police, even if you are afraid.
  8. Do not resist being arrested, even if you know you aren’t guilty of committing a crime. There are different ways this can be handled and a criminal justice attorney can inform you of what to do.
  9. Refrain from making any statements until you meet with a police brutality or defense attorney.
  10. Stay calm and watch the language you use, your body language, and be cognizant of your emotions.


Although social media has been used to help recognize officers for their misconduct by catching them in the act, it hasn’t stopped them from continuing to engage in this violent and deadly behavior.

If you were the victim of police misconduct and are now seeking legal advice, USAttorneys.com will work to find you a local police brutality lawyer in Pittsburgh. While you might be confused and angry, the police misconduct lawyers we can place you in touch with will be sure to investigate the matter entirely and fight for the justice you and your family deserve.