The shocking cost of police brutality in Chicago – $40 million 

Chicago, IL – The city of Chicago has a huge problem with police brutality. Every year, the City Council is hit with hundreds of police misconduct complaints, most of them concerning the use of excessive force. In 2020, for instance, there were 133 lawsuits against the police that were either settled out of court or went to trial. Overall, the taxpayers in Chicago ended up paying over $40 million to make up for the wrongdoings of their local police force. According to a recent report, “excessive force claims remain a significant source of financial liability for the City.” In fact, 79% of all settlement payouts by the City in 2020 were made in connection with police brutality complaints. 

If you or someone you love were recently involved in an encounter with the local police that turned violent, the only thing you can do is contact an experienced Chicago police brutality lawyer right away. This won’t solve the underlying problems with the conduct of many of the local law enforcement agents, but it can at least provide some comfort and fair compensation to the victims.

Unfortunately, too many victims are afraid to come forward and tell their story for fear of retaliation, but every complaint you make puts the behavior of local police under the spotlight and may bring about the changes Chicago residents demand.

How is police brutality defined?

Police brutality is one of the many forms of police misconduct and it refers to the use of an amount of force greater than the situation required. 

Police officers have a difficult job and they are allowed to use force when this is necessary to protect their own lives or the safety of other members of the public. Obviously, if the police try to arrest an armed killer they are allowed to use force, including lethal weapons. No one disagrees with that. However, using batons or chokeholds on unarmed civilians or beating peaceful protesters represent clear examples of police brutality, and everyone in Chicago has heard of such cases.

How can I report police brutality in Chicago?

Chicago residents are encouraged to file a complaint against the officers that used excessive force against them. However, in the vast majority of cases, this won’t solve the problem. Any complaint you make is the subject of an internal review, that is cops investigating the actions of a fellow officer. Most of the time, such complaints are ruled in favor of the police officer. No surprises here. 

However, if you reach out to seasoned Chicago police brutality lawyers they can help you build a strong case and file a lawsuit. But you need to talk to a good lawyer as soon as possible after the incident so they can gather the necessary evidence before it goes missing. 

For instance, in a case of police brutality, your lawyers will have to request access to the bodycam or dashcam footage. They may have to search the area to locate surveillance cameras that may have captured the incident. Many private companies using surveillance cameras delete old footage so you may lose important proof. Also, your lawyers will have to talk to any witnesses to the incident. If they don’t do that soon after the incident, the people’s recollections may become blurred and unreliable. 

Your lawyers will also check out police records to see whether the officers in your case have previous excessive force complaints to their names, which might indicate a pattern of misconduct. In some cases, you may be able to sue not only the officer involved but also the department they work for, it is established his superiors knew about their penchant for violence and did nothing to address the problem.

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