When Vietnam Veteran Joe Campus Torres was ruthlessly beaten and then thrown into the ocean to drown by a group of police officers, the Texas Police Department knew they had to make some serious changes.  It was after this extreme case of police brutality that the first internal affairs committee was born. Unfortunately, there are still many cases of police brutality which occur regularly in Houston, Texas. However, the police department and the government are taking steps to acknowledge the problem and prevent it from growing.

What is the benefit of an internal affairs committee?

The benefit of having an internal affairs committee is basically that it reminds officers that they are not above the law and that they will be questioned for their wrongdoings. An internal affairs committee is responsible for examining all arrests and confrontations by police officers which involved excessive force or involved the death of someone.

Apart from creating an internal affairs unit, the Texas Police Department also went on to create separate liaisons for various ethnic groups so that if members of that ethnicity had any concerns then they could come and bring them directly to the relevant department in order to have their complaint processed more quickly.

The wrongful death of Joe Torres has not been forgotten and the community in Texas participates in “a walk for Torres’ every year in order to honor him and also to remind modern-day police officers that they can’t get away with acting however they want when arresting individuals.

If a police officer infringes a person’s constitutional rights, exceeds boundaries, and causes harm to a person, then the victim needs to make sure they do everything in their power to hold that officer accountable for their actions. It is up to society as a whole to work together to stop officers from breaking the very law which they enforce on a daily basis. Police brutality is a major concern because the severe level of injustice involved in this sort of crime generally ends up breeding much anger and vice in society.

Who should I contact if a police officer hurts me?

If someone is hurt by a police officer then it is their legal right to get in touch with a police brutality lawyer in Houston, Texas. Individuals who have been hurt by an officer should seriously consider taking legal action and suing the officer, especially if they faced a lot of loss because of the officer’s actions. A police brutality lawyer can assist a person in putting their case together and can guide a person on what they should do and say in court as well.

Of course, it is possible to file a complaint against an officer on one’s own. However, if a person wants their case to be as effective as possible and if they want their situation to be taken seriously then they should consider getting a legal professional on their side to get them through the process.


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