Texas is a busy state as far as the police station is concerned. Unfortunately, not only is there a lot of crime happening on the streets by common members of society, but there are also many cases in which police officers are abusing their power and breaking the law as well. This is the exact reason why the Loredo Office of Police Integrity was created.

If a person feels like they have been wrongly abused by a police officer then they can easily get in touch with the Laredo Office of Police Integrity by calling in, visiting in person, or mailing in a letter with their complaint. They will then get in touch with a police supervisor and evidence and written statements will be collected from both the officer and the victim. Once the evidence is collected, the police supervisor will decide whether the case needs to be escalated legally or not.

What benefit does the Office of Police Integrity offer?

The major benefit that society gains from having such an office in their state is that the integrity of the police officers is always investigated and checked. Cases of police brutality cannot be easily overlooked when there are supervisors whose main job is to make sure that officers are behaving in a lawful manner.

Also, having such an office also helps to encourage and promote those officers who are very good at their jobs as these offices offer the option of recommending good officers as well. The office also benefits society by protecting good police officers from being accused when they are actually innocent.

The community has a right to feel safe and protected by their law enforcement officers. If a person feels like an officer has violated their rights through physical harm or sexual assault, or that the officer was acting in an unlawful manner then they should not hesitate to call the Office of Police Integrity in Texas to file their complaint. However, it is always a good idea to seek legal counsel before going ahead and making any official complaints against an officer.

Do I need a police brutality attorney to assist me?

Before filing a complaint with the Office of Police Integrity, it is usually always a good idea to contact a lawyer first. The reason being is that when a person is originally submitting their complaints to the office on their own, they will have to write down what happened and they will be asked to swear that their statements are true as well.

It is always a very good idea to have legal help on one’s side when it comes to swearing that an event was true because when a person does so all on their own, they risk giving away too much information or they risk forgetting to mention important information as well. These mistakes could cost them later on during their court trial.






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