Since police officers hold so much power in society and since the nature of their job generally requires the use of force then it can become quite difficult for individuals to figure out whether or not they were actually victims of police brutality or not. Police officers generally have to face a lot of danger on a daily basis and this often leads to them using excessive physical force and even deadly arms in order to protect themselves and the people around them.

Not only that, but officers also have immunity which means that in many cases, the normal suspect cannot pursue litigation against the police officer. This is a great deal of power given to officers and that is why many individuals find themselves wondering whether something wrong even occurred and whether the police officer had violated the law even after they were openly assaulted by a police officer.

The best way to recognize police brutality is to understand what an officer is not allowed to do. In Paris, Texas, a police officer is only allowed to use as much force as is necessary to get the job done. They are also generally not allowed to use deadly arms unless they have exhausted all other forms of force.

What a police officer is not allowed to do in Paris, Texas

Here is a list of things officers are generally not allowed to do unless they have a very valid reason:

  • Search or touch a person unnecessarily
  • Search a person’s vehicle
  • Enter a person’s private dwelling
  • Search a person’s private dwelling without a warrant
  • Confiscate a person’s personal property
  • Address a person in a sexual manner
  • Make negative comments about a person’s race or religion
  • Hurt a person who is compliant and defenseless
  • Use lethal or deadly arms

The fourth and fourteenth amendment

Thanks to the fourth and fourteenth amendment, individuals are protected from individuals such as police officers concerning a lot of matters. The fourth amendment protects a person from being subject to unfair seizure, and the fourteenth amendment protects a person from having their freedom compromised unfairly.

If a person feels like an officer has abused their authority and if they believe they have recognized a case of police brutality then they should get in touch with a Police brutality lawyer in Paris, TX to start filing  their complaint, When it comes to reporting police brutality they can choose to file a complaint in a variety of different forms, including:

  • Filing a complaint to the department of justice
  • Filing a complaint to the chief of the police station
  • Bringing the case to a small claims court or superior court

A lawyer can help a person decide what route is best for them and what steps a person should take in order o ensure that the officer is held accountable for their actions and that a person gets the compensation and freedom which they rightfully deserve. If a person has committed a crime, they still have their rights and a criminal defense lawyer can help a person figure out which of their rights were violated, and walk them through whatever steps need to be taken next.





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