When a person is going about their daily tasks in Kyle, Texas, they don’t only have to keep their eyes peeled for criminal activity going on around them to stay safe. As sad as it is, they also need to be vigilant and ready in case they come across police brutality as well.

Yes, police officers are supposed to be protecting the rest of society from the dangerous crimes that happen every night. However, that is not always the case. In many scenarios, it is these police officers themselves who are committing the unjustified act and causing harm to other people. For those individuals who have been lucky enough to never be a victim of police brutality and they have only heard about such cases on the news, they can follow a few steps to try and make sure they are not the next victim of such an attack.

If a person wants to stay as safe as they can from police brutality they should do the following:

  • If a police officer stops a person then they should comply with the officer
  • Try not to use offensive language or show unnecessary attitude if being confronted
  • Always ask the officer if the officer is detaining them. If the officer says yes then they need to provide a very good reason for detainment
  • Never try to run away while being confronted by an officer
  • If an officer asks for ID, comply with them
  • If a police officer uses excessive force try not to fight back
  • Try to get the confrontation of the officer recorded through audio or video
  • Get in touch with a police brutality lawyer as soon as possible to get legal advice and prevent unfair escalation of the situation

It is important to remember that though officers do hold a lot of power, they are not allowed to search a person, their vehicle, or confiscate their personal property unless they have a very strong reason to do so.

Sadly, even following all of the above steps will not guarantee that a person will always be safe from brutal acts conducted by an officer. In many cases, individuals who were entirely compliant and did nothing to provoke the officer still get attacked ruthlessly simply due to their ethnicity or the area which they live in. The good news is that racial profiling is indeed illegal, and if a person believes that they were subjected to excessive force, false arrests, or other forms of abuse by an officer simply because of their race then they can easily choose to make claims against the officer in court.

If a person feels like they have definitely been a victim of police brutality they can always call a police brutality attorney in Kyle, TX in order to fight for their rights which protect them from such brutality according to the fourth and fourteenth amendment. Police officers do have immunity to the law in many cases. However, if they were abusing their power and they did harm a person unnecessarily, then even they can be held to account.

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