Depending on the circumstances of the situation and whether the officer had a valid reason for deploying the taser, you may or may not have viable grounds to sue him/her or their department.


police brutality attorneys in Midland, TX

If a police officer in Midland, TX caused you to suffer serious injuries after deploying his/her Taser on you, you may have a viable case on your hands and may be eligible to recover compensation for your injuries.

Police officers carry a number of different weapons on them in an effort to protect themselves and the public from dangerous individuals. Although officers are expected to diffuse situations before turning to their weapons as their first resource, many will often resort to deploying their weapon without employing other tactics first to help gain control over a situation. Not only does this lead to unarmed individuals being shot and killed, but also others suffering injuries from being Tasered.

Now, because officers are permitted to use their weapons at their discretion given they can back up their actions with support for doing so, it isn’t always easy for a victim who has been hit with a Taser to file suit against them as it is their word against the officers. Therefore, if you are looking to sue an officer for causing you to suffer injuries after he/she deployed their Taser on you, you will need to hire a Midland, TX police brutality lawyer who has extensive experience in handling these types of cases and can help you.


What types of injuries can I sue for?


Although Tasers are considered non-lethal weapons that are only expected to be used when a suspect is attempting to escape or has become resistant, they do cause harm. Some common types of injuries associated with being hit with a Taser include:


  • Barbed dart injuries on the skin.
  • Trauma from falls.
  • Injuries to sensitive areas such as the eyes, chest, or genitals.
  • Cuts and scrapes.
  • Broken bones.
  • Head injuries.


Although it is uncommon, Tasers can also bring upon death if a suspect or citizen being shot falls and hits their head causing them to suffer from a traumatic brain injury or another type of fatal injury. Back in 2017, two officers in Wisconsin were dispatched to the home of a mentally ill man where they found him taking a shower. Although officers were allegedly responding to a medical emergency, 22-year-old Anthony Munoz did not appear to be in need of medical attention, says USA Today. After arriving at Munoz’s residence, officers shot him 18 times with their Taser while he was in the shower before he died. Those officers did not face any charges for his death.

Midland, TX police brutality attorneys

If you are seeking justice for the pain and suffering a police officer in Midland, TX has caused you, contact the attorneys at the Cooper Law Firm today.

The sad reality is that many police officers are nevercharged for misconduct after engaging in illegal behavior and those that are often have their charges dropped. Because it is rare for a police officer to face any sort of criminal punishment for brutality or misconduct, the only form of justice a victim receives is when he/she hires an attorney to file a lawsuit against the officer. With that being said, if a police officer in Midland, TX deployed a Taser on you causing you to suffer minor or serious injuries or the officer caused you other physical harm as a result of their violent actions, contact the Cooper Law Firm to speak with a skilled and knowledgeable police brutality attorney.


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