Whether we choose to accept it or not, police brutality has become a major problem in Dallas, TX and across all of America. Police brutality is indeed a very real issue and it has very real consequences. One of the major consequences which have arisen due to police officers using their power unjustly is that many individuals are now completely losing their trust in the police department.

The interesting thing to note is that even though there is fairly evident racial profiling occurring in the police forces, both Caucasian individuals and people of color seem to be losing their trust equally. If matters are not taken seriously and if stricter rules are not put into place in order to control police brutality then it is quite possible that the entire way police officers are seen will change significantly.

Statistics reveal that 18% of the US population has very little or no confidence in the police. This may seem like a small number but the reality is that this is the lowest the numbers have ever been up to date. Statistics also show that only 30% of the population state they have some faith in police officers and in the fact that an officer will act justly with them and other members on the street. This is very troubling and it can be directly linked to the cases of police brutality which have been widespread and showing up all over the news in Dallas, TX and other states as well.

Statistics further show that Caucasian individuals have declined in their trust of the police by 11% over the course of two years and African Americans have basically stood by how they have always felt-which is also relatively low.

How can I help prevent police brutality?

Since police brutality is leading to an increase in the mistrust of almost all citizens in America against the police force, it is evident that something has to be done. If anyone ever witnesses police brutality taking place then they should call a police brutality lawyer to escalate things further. However, here are a few basics steps that any witness can undergo at the scene of the crime:

  • Get the name and ID number of the police officer who was performing the brutality
  • Get the name and number of fellow witnesses and follow up with the victim
  • Take photographs and videos from a safe distance away
  • Write down everything that was witnessed as soon as possible including the date and time the event took place.

A police brutality attorney in Dallas, TX can be the perfect person to contact in such cases because of how many years of experience they have with dealing in these matters. No one deserves to be treated unjustly-especially by an individual who is supposed to be enforcing the law. Each one of us can make a difference and can help make society a more trustworthy place simply by standing up for what is right and educating ourselves on our rights.

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