Being sexually harassed by a police officer is not something that should ever be taken lightly by the victim. Sexual assault is such a big deal because of the emotional distress it causes to the victims. Studies have shown that individuals who face sexual assault at some point in their lives have greater chances of developing substance abuse disorders and experiencing episodes of depression as well.

Anyone who has been sexually assaulted needs to get in touch with an experienced lawyer who can help them take the right steps towards bringing the alleged officer to justice.

According to the law, whether a police officer is on duty or off duty they are not allowed to sexually approach any individual against their will, let alone assault them. When it comes to holding an officer to account for sexual assault having evidence is always very useful. The more evidence that a person is able to gather, the more chances they will be able to win their case and have the officer penalized deservingly.

Some examples of evidence which a person can present in a sexual assault case include:

  • Photos of injuries/marks
  • Hospital records
  • Photos proving the incident occured
  • Video evidence of the incident
  • Audio recordings
  • Eyewitnesses

An ex-police officer was fired after multiple cases of sexual assault were proven to be true

The case of ex-officer Nordo which was concluded on February 19, 2019, proves that not only females can be sexually assaulted by a police officer. Multiple allegations were placed on Nordo claiming that he would force male suspects, witnesses, and inmates into performing sexual acts with him in Philadelphia.

Nordo kept them quiet by displaying his firearm and letting his victims know that nobody would ever believe them if they were to report him. Luckily he was proven wrong and after a few cases were proven to be true he was immediately dismissed from his position. Nordo committed these crimes both while he was on-duty and off-duty.

The above news report displays that an officer can be penalized for his actions whether he committed the crime while he was on-call or whether he committed the crime during his time off.

Get in touch with the right people

In order to build a strong and safe society, all of us need to look out for one another. This holds especially true when it comes to bringing down sex offenders. Sex offenders who hold positions in authority are especially dangerous because they are trusted by the vast majority of society and therefore it is much easier for them to choose their next victim.

If any woman or man has experienced a case of sexual assault by an officer then they need to make sure they get in touch with a police brutality attorney in Houston to get compensated for their terrible experience and the pain they suffered because of it. Even if a person is not looking for compensation it is always best to try and get the officer legally penalized because doing so will save future individuals from becoming his victim.


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