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Police brutality lawsuits are popping up everywhere as social media has done a good job at capturing when and where police are using excessive force. While police are able to apply force when a person or suspect is posing as a threat to them or others, they aren’t permitted to do so under other circumstances. For instance, if a suspect is fleeing and the officer wants to stop them or an individual is exercising their constitutional rights but isn’t posing as a threat to anyone, an officer has no reason to put their hands on them or apply deadly force.

Unfortunately, over the past few years, more and more cases of police brutality are surfacing as individuals are tired of being mistreated and abused.

Were you harmed by an officer in the state of Texas? Do you believe that a police officer violated your rights as a citizen and wish to take legal action against them or the department they work for? If so, wants to find you a local Texas police brutality attorney now as they are the only professionals who have any chance of seeking justice. 


Police Brutality Cases in Texas

Back in 2015, a Texas teenager was slammed to the ground by an officer without reasonable cause to do so. According to, the officer was dispatched to a disturbance call because a pool party became a bit rowdy in an upscale community in McKinney. As individuals were leaving the party, the girl was approached by the officer and she claimed he hit her in the face. Videos depict the officer pinning her down and pushing her face into the ground. The officer was also kneeling on her back while he handcuffed her. When the teen’s friends attempted to help her, the officer aimed his stun gun at them. The girl filed a $15 million police brutality lawsuit for the abuse and the violation of her constitutional rights.

Aside from this case, that of the incident involving Sandra Bland has made for a large movement in the right direction to fight back against police brutality. The Sandra Bland Act has been approved and other movements continue to arise in order to prevent others from being harmed and abused by officers who misuse their rights to apply force.

Police brutality cases can arise from any of the following instances:

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