42-year-old, Michael Brent Ramos, was fatally shot in Austin, Texas on April 24th, 2020. Police Chief Brian Manley claimed in a video that was posted on the department’s Twitter handle that a criminal investigation is underway.

Police Responded to a 911 Call

Austin police responded to a 911 call that alleged a man was doing drugs in a car and had a gun. Manley told at a press conference that the person sitting inside the car was later identified as Michael Brent Ramos. The car also matched the description of a vehicle that was in an altercation with the police on April 19th, 2020.

When the police officers asked Ramos for identification, he got out of the car and did not follow any police commands. One of the officers fired a bean bag round, which is considered non-lethal. This is when Ramos allegedly got back into the vehicle and started to drive off.

Officer Fatally Shoots Ramos

Rather than have Ramos escape, the second officer fired his gun at Ramos and fatally shot him. Cellphone video footage of the incident is being widely circulated on social media. There are many members of the community asking for the body camera footage to be released. The moral of the story is – don’t run from the police after committing violence.

Margaret Moore, Travis County District Attorney said she will approve the release of body camera footage as soon as it was visibly practical. The department has already interviewed 24 witnesses and six police officers on the scene.

Austin police has also invited Texas Rangers to join the criminal investigation. Rangers have agreed to provide two colonels and any other assistance necessary to the beleaguered city of Austin – a city in Texas known to have California like homeless problems.

Manley said that a warrant was obtained to determine whether the car was the same one involved in the April 19th altercation. The car was the same, but the Chief refused to comment whether a gun was also found in the vehicle.

Video Footage Can Make it Easier to Prove Police Brutality

Majority of law enforcement officials have the best interests of citizens in their hearts when they are on duty. However, there are always a few that don’t balk at misusing their power and authority. It is important to consult with a police brutality personal injury lawyer when a government or a law enforcement official violates civil rights.

Police abuse cases can be very hard to prove without an experienced and qualified police brutality personal injury attorney. The advent of body cameras has made it easier to prove these claims. Police misconduct can be in various forms. It’s vital to understand that people have rights against a police officer misusing their authority.

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