Every police department in the U.S. has its own set of policies and procedures it requires its officers to obey. For example, the Memphis Police Department’s policy and procedures say that all members of the force:

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Despite the power a police officer in Memphis holds, they are still required to respect civilians and suspects they come in contact with.

  • Must not “indulge in lewd, obscene, or immoral public conduct.”
  • Must be “courteous, civil, and respectful in his conduct and manner towards all persons.” This includes suspects they believe have committed or intend to commit a crime.
  • Shall treat suspects “in a fair and humane manner.”
  • Shall not provide any “information, either oral or written, in connection with any assignment or investigation that is either knowingly incorrect, false, or deceitful.”
  • An officer “shall neither discriminate against nor show partiality for any person because of race, sex, religion, friendship, fraternal or social affiliations, or for any reason.”


These are only some of the policies the department has set forth for its officers to comply with that are expected to help encourage good policing. Sadly, there are a handful of police officers that do fail to obey one or more of their department’s policies and choose to abuse the power they have been granted for their own personal advantage. When a Memphis, TN police officer makes the cognizant decision to violate their department’s policies, they are expected to be faced with the consequences their acts of misconduct carry with them. Unfortunately, this rarely happens.

For example, if an officer is guilty of violating a policy, rule, regulation, order, or directive of the Department, he/she could face a loss of compensation up to a maximum of 10 days if it is considered a minor offense. If the offense is major, they could be terminated. In the event an officer is convicted of, pleads guilty to, or pleads nolo contendere (no contest) to a federal, state, or local violation that involves a felony or other crime that involves force, violence, theft, dishonesty, gambling, liquor, or a controlled substance, the Department says they will be terminated from employment.


Why are police departments so lenient on officers who engage in acts of misconduct?


For years, police officers have avoided being held accountable when they violate their department’s policies or a state or federal law. While some lose a few days without pay, others are never reprimanded for their unethical behavior. In fact, police officers are rarely ever charged with a crime, even when it is clear they committed one. The fact is, many individuals who have been abused or mistreated by officers of the law are either afraid of what an officer might do if they report him/her or simply don’t have the knowledge required to fight back.


That is why there are police brutality lawyers in Memphis, TN who can help combat police brutality and misconduct.

police brutality attorneys in Memphis, TN

If a police officer in Memphis engaged in any act of misconduct that has led to you experiencing a loss or suffering, you are encouraged to contact a TN police brutality lawyer today.


If you or someone you know was mistreated by a police officer in Memphis, TN and aren’t sure how you should approach the issue, contact USAttorneys.com today to get connected with a lawyer in your area. Police brutality attorneys in TN can provide you with the information you might be seeking as well as the legal representation needed to hold an officer liable when they are in violation of the law.

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