The job of a police chief is a very public one. Since the police chief is responsible for managing and overlooking all of the affairs in the police department, then it is also the police chief who is praised or criticized when anything happens in the police force.

A police chief has the responsibility of facing the public and the opinions of the members of society reflect his or her job security quite a bit. If there are continuous acts of police brutality occurring and nothing is being done about it then the public can indeed demand that the police chief should be replaced. A similar incident occurred in Nashville during the end of the summer of 2018.

Nashville community demands that the police chief be fired after constant police misuse of deadly arms

On August 18, 2018, the Nashville community gathered to speak out against the unjustified use of deadly arms that had become so prevalent in their society. Dozens of individuals –specifically those who were African American- were being shot in the back if they tried to flee from police officers. In many cases, these individuals were not even armed.

The Nashville community including religious leaders all called out for the police chief of Nashville to be fired due to his inability to regulate such a deadly and unfair matter. On further investigation, it was found that Nashville police officers were also not even required to wear body cameras while on the job.

The acting vice mayor, Sheri Weiner did indeed make a public statement and asked the police chief, Steve Anderson, to step down after all of the evidence was brought into the public.

Who can I call for help if I see a case of police brutality?

If anyone witnesses a case of police brutality in Nashville or if they face the brutality themselves then they need to make sure they report it as soon as possible. The longer they take to report it, the fewer chances that proper action can be taken.

A person has many options through which they can report the police crime, but the best first step to take is to get in touch with a police brutality attorney. A lawyer in Nashville can help a person explore their options and help a person ensure they are putting all of the correct and necessary information in their complaints.

If a person has been harmed very severely by an officer through physical force and sexual harassment or if they have lost a family member due to excessive force used by an officer then they can choose to litigate through a lawyer and get compensated accordingly. Despite what many people think, police officers are not 100% immune to the law. They can indeed be penalized, and as the above scenario which occurred in Nashville in the summer of 2018 goes to show, even someone with as much power as a police chief can be brought down if they are failing to do their job appropriately and if the community is willing to band together and speak out against the injustice.


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