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Police brutality has become a controversial topic as most of the officers questioned on their physical actions claim the suspect they used excessive force on was posing as a threat to them or other bystanders. But is this always the case? Are there other ways officers could have resolved the situation aside from severely injuring a person of interest that might not even be guilty?

Statistics have shown that many of the individuals who are mistreated or fatally shot by police were unarmed and black. So, are police always in fear of their life when they encounter these individuals? These unanswered questions continue to flood the internet and perhaps until officers are held accountable for their wrongful actions, they will continue to be posed.

We hear about various cases of police brutality all across the U.S., most involving a fatal shooting. But, there are many other forms of police brutality and you should be aware of them in the event you think you might be a victim.

The following are some common types of legal claims that arise out of police misconduct:

It is important that you understand your rights and what police officers can and cannot do. Unfortunately, many citizens aren’t aware of the laws police must abide by nor are they aware of what their rights are when they come into contact with an officer. Some who do wind up being arrested anyway as officers take this as resisting their commands as opposed to exercising their rights.

So, if a police officer or any other law enforcement official has mistreated you, whether they verbally abused you, searched you without the right to do so, or applied excessive force in a situation where it was uncalled for, you might have a viable claim on your hands.  


We know police brutality is a rising issue and we want to help you find the legal aid you need to fight back against it. Our featured Tennessee police brutality lawyers will work hard and diligently to ensure your rights are protected and do everything in their power to obtain justice for the unfortunate circumstances you have had to endure because an officer of the law harmed you.



Police and Power: Why is it an Issue in Tennessee?

One of the biggest issues with police having the power they do is that they are able to use as much force as they deem necessary. Some of the puzzling cases including one dating all the way back to 1974 involved Edward Garner, who was only 15-years old when he was shot by an officer. He had $10 and a stolen pursue in his possession and was fleeing from officers. Memphis, TN officer Elton Hymon shot the teen in the back of the head so he couldn’t get away. This case is similar to many of those that seem to transpire today.  The trouble with it is that the boy wasn’t posing a threat to anyone, even though he committed a crime.

This is why you are urged to bring your claims forward. Don’t be a victim in silence, rather, let a well-versed police brutality attorney in TN shed light on this unnecessary issue.


Support Groups to Combat Against Police Brutality 

If you are looking for ways to join together will others and take a stand against police abuse and misconduct, Black Lives Matter Memphis is one organization available in the state of Tennessee.