Nashville, TN – One of the most common ways that accidents happen is when a driver makes a careless mistake such as using their phone or not obeying traffic signals. This person can be made to pay for the losses caused by their careless behavior, and they may be found to be negligent as a matter of law if they are sued by the victim. 

Local and national problems with distracted driving

The state of Tennessee has had some of the highest number of traffic fatalities caused by cell phone use for several years. The National Safety Council has found that between 20% to 30% of drivers aged 18 to 34 believe that texting while driving does not affect their driving abilities at all. Other studies by the council have shown that young and newly licensed drivers are highly prone to various distractions while they are behind the wheel. 

Cell phone use and accidents

There are usually several hundred serious car accidents involving cell phone use in the United States annually. Some research has also found that the problem of cell phone use may be underreported. Many accidents are only coded into traffic statistics as caused by cell phones if this problem is considered a direct cause. However, there are situations where evidence of cell phone use in the minutes or seconds before an accident may be identified as proximate cause of the collision. Sending a text message generally causes a driver to take their eyes off of the road for a long enough period of time to travel hundreds of feet. 

Remedies for a case against a careless driver

After the accident, the driver should contact the local police and their insurance company. They will be able to obtain a report from the police at a later time to be used as evidence, and the insurance claim may be able to help them cover costs of property repairs and vehicle damage. 

When someone is severely hurt, the insurance process will usually not cover large costs such as extensive medical treatment and lost wages from weeks or months away from work. An injury lawyer can consult with the victim to go over their total losses and the process to bring a civil case. A negligence lawsuit provides the victim with the ability to add up all of their losses and try to force the person responsible to pay for them.  

Scheduling a meeting with an experienced local lawyer

Anyone who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident has the chance to defend their rights in court. George Fusner is an experienced accident and personal injury attorney who assists clients in Nashville and surrounding parts of Tennessee. 

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